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Can I travel with my baby on SriLankan Airlines flights? Top Quotes & Deals on Sri Lankan Airlines Flights from Tickets to India Inside, the cab is roomy with elegant interior design and an on-board extra services that makes you really comfortable. Together with our well educated staff, our delicious meals and our superb on-board entertainments you will experience a pleasurable and relaxed trip. RECARO does not provide back rest for two of our fleet's A340s used for short-haul flights.

Savour a heavenly dinner in a local hotel with our tasty on-board snacks cooked by our dedicated cooks. In order to mitigate the impact of the dehydration, we offer snacks every 45 min between meal times. Now SriLankan Airlines has launched 16 videogames on A330 and A-340. These include all industries served by these aeroplanes, as well as those in which no on-board maintenance has previously been offered.

With the " Air Show " passenger can also follow the advancement of their flight. Furthermore, the forward cam, which is only available to a few airlines around the world, gives the visitor a breathtaking "pilot's perspective" from take-off and landings to the breathtaking landscape on the way. Down cameras capture the landmarks directly under the plane, which is especially useful when you''re airborne over towns or mountains.

At SriLankan Airlines, we strive to meet all the needs of our customers, as well as providing specialized food for those who have nutritional needs for health or religion purposes. We offer a wide variety of specialty dishes cooked or bought from an authorised supplier. The Business Class customers have the possibility to pre-order one of the following selected dishes.

You must book at least 48hrs in advance of your flight date.

SriLankan Airlines fly with infants

What can I do with my child on SriLankan Airlines itineraries? Childrens under 12 must be travelling with an accompanying adult person. Infants under the ages of 2 can ride on the knee of an grown-up. Every grown-up is only allowed to have one child on his knee. To book a seperate place for your child, you must call SriLankan Airlines.

Is SriLankan Airlines offering baby and child rebates? If you are travelling with an accompanying grown-up traveller, SriLankan Airlines is offering the following baby and child discounts: Small toddlers (under 2 years) not occupying a seating position - 80-90% of the adults' rate. Kids (2-12 years) and toddlers occupying a seated position - 15-25% of the adults' rate.

Travellers travelling with small children may take the following extra items with them: A pouch of 56 x 36 x 23 cm (115 cm) and a max. of 5 kg of baby formula for in-flight use and baby toilet articles such as diapers. A baby carrier or fully foldable pram/stroller (if there is no room in the cab, it can be taken as hold luggage).

Small children who do not take up a place in a car park are given free luggage of only 10 kg of registered luggage. The free luggage for babies on journeys to/from North, Central and South America is 1 up to 23 kg and 158 cm (62 in) according to the unit concept. At SriLankan Airlines we make every reasonable endeavour to make sure that travellers travelling with a child have a secure and comfortable flight.

During the flight you can contact the Child Care Stewardess for help. The number of basket carts available on passenger planes depends on the model of aeroplane used for the flight: All SriLankan Airlines long-haul services offer a range of basic quantities of manufactured infant formula on demand.

You should request your own particular formula at the moment of your reservation, but certain powdered milks hake makes and other foods must be provided by your family.

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