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The Cable Giant Charter lost 90,000 TV subscribers in the second quarter, which included Time Warner Cable Legacy Markets.

In the second trimester, the string clipping pains persisted as Charter Communications said that the overall number of consumers' TV subscriptions decreased by 90,000 in the reporting timeframe - although it was an increase over the previous year. Charter, today the second-largest US provider of digital terrestrial networks after Comcast, had 16.6 million private consumers as of June 30. Specifically, the firm said it let 90,000 TV subwoofers fall in the reporting cycle compared to 152,000 in the prior-year reporting cycle, with Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks included on a per-forma stand.

In May 2016 Charter completed the acquisitions of TWC and Bright House. Among the carriers who have so far posted the lowest results on CCTV, AT&T lost a staggering 351,000 conventional satellites and fibre in the second quarter, which is seasonal low for the pay-TV industry. At Comcast, we recorded a net 445,000 retail customer decrease for the reporting year, compared to a 21,000 decrease in the prior year, while Verizon lost only 15,000 fios of our total lost Video Subs.

In the second three months, Charter recorded revenue of $10.36 billion, up 3.9% on a pro forma basis, just below analysts' $10.39 billion estimate. Net profit was 53 euro cent per stock - Wall Street's lack of 81 euro cent per stock estimate - which, according to Charter, was primarily due to a "pension cut gain" related to Charter's announcements to suspend TWC's existing performance-based schemes in the second half of 2016 and higher write-downs in the final three months.

Charter stated in June that it had concluded the roll-out of its Spectrum marque and of prices and packages for private customers in the old TWC and Bright House areas. At the beginning of this months, the company stopped switching to Spectrum prices and packages for small and medium-sized enterprises in the TWC and Bright House Sectors.

In terms of broad-band area, Charter gained 231,000 private high-speed subscribers in the second Quarter, up from a net profit of 236,000 in the same prior-year comparable area. The company ended the third fiscal year with 22.0 million private customer broadband customers. Said the carrier said it now provides at least 100 megabit per second bandwidth to over 50% of its overall area, with almost all of Charter's residual floor space providing at least 60 Mbps.

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