Barcelona Taxi Receipt

A Barcelona Taxi Receipt

City taxi fares are printed on a sticker in the rear window of the taxi; the taximeter shows the amount to be paid. In order to get a receipt, request un rebut/un recibo. Also ask for a receipt with everything at the end of the trip. The users are entitled to demand the receipt of the race.

Damned properties in Barcelona Taxi? Tips on what to do

F: I think I dropped my cam in a Barcelona taxi. What can I do to see if the taxi service has found my missing cam? If you have just lost your belongings, then if you know the name of the taxi service, call the taxi service you were immediately with to see if they can find your belongings.

It is also a good idea to call the Barcelona Taxi Findery Office which coordinates information about missing items for the Barcelona Taxi Service: The Barcelona Taxi Found Things Hotline: Or you can use the following links to get in touch with Barcelona Taxi Lost Property: In the ideal case you should have as much information as possible to be able to locate the taxi you were in.

The taxi receipt contains useful information if you have requested it. You are strongly advised to always ask for a receipt. It is not only useful if you find that you have forgotten your belongings, but it is also useful to file a claim if you have the feeling that there is this.

Most of the information you need to be able to recognise the taxi should be included in the receipt, but if not, make a note of the taxi number and/or number plates shown in the driver's cabin. Nearest place you should try is the Barcelona Municipal Find Bureau. +8002 Barcelona, EspaƱa.

For more information about what you can find in a Barcelona taxi and any other useful information about the Barcelona taxi services, we suggest you check out the Barcelona Metropolitan Taxi Institute website.

Taxi Barcelona Information

Barcelona Taxi works with Barcelona Metropolitan Tariffs for taxi fares within the Barcelona Metropolitan Region. At all times the taxi running duty is performed by a taxi metre which must be placed in a prominent position in the car. Drivers must always turn it on at the beginning of a journey and stop it at the end.

Passengers who have baggage must be helped by the chauffeur to put it in and take it out of the vehicle's boot. Infants under the age of 12 must sit in the rear of the vehicle and be monitored to avoid distracting the operator. Food, drink and tobacco are not allowed during the journey, even if the drivers and co-drivers have agreed otherwise.

Should you want the taxi to be waiting for you after the first leg, the taxi operator can ask you to cover the cost of the previous leg, in excess of the half hours of waiting in the urban area and another half hours outside the urban area as a warranty.

Failure to return by the end of this deadline may result in termination of the contract. Taxi is obliged to take stowaways with guide dog (Law of the Parliament of Catalonia 10/1993). Always ask for the receipt. For Barcelona and the Greater Barcelona area communities, the most frequent way to take a taxi on the road is to use one of the taxi net stations that all the communities have, or a show of hands to call a taxi when an empty one approaches.

  • At the bus stop, the client must take the first bus in the order of leaving the bus stop. Taxi riders cannot collect travellers within 50 metres of a bus stop. It is important for the user to remember that the taxi operator cannot perform sudden maneuvers or stop the taxi in places that pose a danger to people.
  • Passengers can also take a taxi at any stop in the malls, services or railway station in the area. If more than one party requests the same taxi at the same moment, the drivers of the vehicles must follow the following order of priorities:
  • No-one may be refused access to the services unless the individual seeking a journey indicates an apparent state of alcoholic or drugged drinking or because the state of the individual or his/her baggage could result in significant predictable damages to the vessel. - The taxi operator may, at his own option, allow domestic animals to accompany persons using the services.

A taxi operator must never refrain from transporting guide hounds and never refrain from loading a wheelchair. What is the best way to call a taxi? Phoning is another efficient way to call a taxi. A taxi can be requested by phoning one of the 20 taxi funk dispatcher centers in the Barcelona metropolitan area.

Most of these centers have a vehicle pooling system that allows them to dispatch a taxi to the location desired by the users. Allocated taxi numbers are sent by phone call or text messaging. A taxi arrives at the desired location with the meter constantly updated and the amount does not exeed the minimal price.

Taxi services are provided at the annual town centre rates. Approved tariffs and surcharges are necessary for all licensees, driver and user of the services. Current urban taxi rates in the Barcelona metropolitan area are indicated on a label in the back windows of the cars.

T-1 is used at nights on normal days of the week between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m. and on Saturdays and public holidays throughout the greater area. T-2 is used during the days (from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.) on normal days of the week throughout the city.

This is a phone call provided by IMT to taxi operators and taxi operators to help them notify you of an item that has been found or forgotten in a taxi car. Phone is open from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 20:00. During the rest of the workday, on Saturdays, Sundays, weekends and public holidays there is an automated voicemail.

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