Taxi Driver Receipt

Receipt for taxi driver

I' d request a receipt from the taxi driver so I can be reimbursed by my company. Often the taxi driver gave me additional blank documents. When you pay cash in a taxi and tip appropriately, you often get an empty receipt instead of a finished one.

Survey indicates taxi driver often overtax corporate travellers - Quartz

A comfort for often tired employees on a working journey to another town is that their employers pay the bill. This is a good place to do a little work for some taxi riders. They sent 400 scientists on 11 different trips to the Greeks to visit the country's capitol. Everyone said to the driver that they were not familiar with the town, but in only half of the trips they asked for a receipt early and said to the driver that their employers would pay them back.

17% more often than not; they pay a price 7% higher than the one that did not mentioned the receipt, according to their results last months publicised in a document in the Wirtschaftsjournal (pdf). What is even more serious is that riders have not exaggerated their riders by overcharging them for a longer journey, but by imposing wrong fares, such as fares for travelling from a coach terminal or aerodrome, or by increasing the night fares during the course of the night.

According to Loukas Balafoutas, the main writer, all explorers talked Greek. Females were also charged 18% more times than males, regardless of whether they notified the driver that the chief would pay the mileage. However, the results could be affected by the fact that they were conducted in Greece - one of the most highly corrupted advanced European nations and a country where there are currently any female leaders in power (pdf), according to a European Commission survey in 2017.

You tell the taxi driver you need a receipt -

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