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When the yellow TAXI sign lights up, the taxi can be hired. Taxi! The indispensable tour leader to the London taxi applications.

CONDON - Two more taxi applications released this London based London this weekend to expand the increasing number of available options." The one, supported by London Mayor Boris Johnson, has an eye on how the city' s officials' taxis currently work, the other on the mini-cabs. While these two newcomers are rolling up their sleeve and competing for the Londoner' s deal, we take a look at the main actors in the game.

For several years, Addison Lee's vast luxury vehicle hire line has been carrying businesses across the town, but the firm introduced a redesigned application last fall and began promoting more retail businesses. Available on iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry, the application allows you to reserve a vehicle up to three month in advance without increasing prices.

They are quite trustworthy, but thanks to a winding cost base consisting of "a postal code to postal code cost base consisting of a reservation charge and a distance-based flat tariff from our database", they are difficult to benchmark with other products. Bank accounts can be less expensive than bank accounts.

You may not have an apple, but they are the classical dark vehicles with the famous white "taxi" that you see all over the capitol, so you wouldn't have to use them. They are fully licenced and their riders must pass "the knowledge", a ridiculously thorough test on the best itineraries through the town.

Fares start at 2.40 and are calculated at one metre by driving distances and times, at a price that varies by place and season. The driver is required to take with him any client who wishes to cover up to 12 mile or one hours. The Get Taxi application links you to a London taxi station or to the 6,000 registered riders who are willing to collect a ticket price.

There are no floor rates or cancellations and you can make a reservation with a single payment up to two week in advanced. In 2011 Hailo started in London and called himself "The Black cab App". "Since then, it has opened up to car rental, leading to rage among London taxi riders.

Launched by three London taxi companies, the application allows the user to reserve a Hailo or a HailoExec, which is described in the application as "chauffeur-driven for when you need the VIP handling". From 2014, half of London taxi operators were under contract with Hailo, while only several hundred HailoExec vehicles were available.

In addition to the Hailo application, taxi bookings can also be made for taxis that are registered for the Hailo application if they have marked one in an old-fashioned way. The Hailo has a £10 rate at all times outside Monday to Friday (10 a.m. to 5 p.m.) and because it uses London taxis the taximeter begins at £2.40.

Splyt, which started work on Monday, allows travellers to travel with other travellers who need a lift along the way. It' s said to be the only'dedicated IM that gives travellers complete freedom to choose whether or not to travel.

When a release requirement arrives, a traveller can see how much he is saving and how much travel effort he is making. They claim that taxi users can reduce the cost of taxis by up to 75% on board, even if they do not travel with another person.

Application-seekers can check both the rider and the passenger. It says it "hand-selects" riders, but does not provide any further detail about the trial on its website - although all riders are Transport for London licenced. As Kabbee itself described it,'a pricing compare and reservation agency for premium mini cabs in Greater London.

If you need a vehicle, the application offers several offers for the trip. Travelers can make payments by either bank transfer, bank transfer or bank transfer and make reservations up to three month in advance for 25% of all Kabbee journeys to and from London Airport. Kabbee introduced the GPS-based Track My Kabbee function last year.

Located between a taxi and a coach, it allows travellers to reserve one or more taxi seat (s) - the more persons you choose to join with us, the less expensive your journey will be. According to the firm, it uses proprietary technologies that perform 35 million computations per second to compare available cabin seating with the travel humans want to make.

Card, which is its own property code, is updated every 20 seconds with the most recent prices. For example, if a passenger travels from Camden to piccadilly and there are other operators who want to cover all or part of the same route, the same driver's cabin can collect both, so many operators and registered travellers are needed to work efficiently.

By entering a trip, a traveller shows the passengers a "departure board" with available cabs, and already occupied places are darkened, the speaker said. It is also available outside London in Manchester, Birmingham, Wakefield and Leeds. Apart from the controversy over security, it also had other local problems: more than 20,000 Negro and Mini Car riders write to HMRC and accuse the firm of gaining an unfair edge by processing UK payment through the Netherlands.

Betram interviewed the company to explain how it is recruiting new riders in the UK and the processes they are going through: Über pursues a price rise, which means that with increasing demands the price increases. Neither do riders take the test of epicism that blacks do, so if you're looking for a rider who knows the best abbreviations and time-saving movements to get through London, they may not know him.

" Min. tariff of 2. 40 then different tariffs per kilometer according to daytime and city. Payment is the measured tariff of a taxi. There is no Monday to Friday price limit (10-17 hrs), outside this price limit 10 pounds apply. Basic tariff of 2. 50, min. of 5 per journey, then it is 27p per min. for journeys which traveled at less than 11 mph and 1. 50 for the remainder.

40 per cent discount on the common part of a tour. For every ride, the application offers several offers from different mini cab companies. Fares depend on the duration of the tour and the number of travellers; the more travellers share the tour, the less expensive it is. There are no price limits. Basic price of 2. 50, plus 1. 25 per miles and 0. 15 per minutes.

In times of high demands a high price structure is operated.

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