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Rely on innovations you can rely on with our Learjet, Challenger and Global aircraft. The Learjet is a Canadian, American aerospace manufacturer of business jets for civil and military use based in Wichita, Kansas. Locate the best Bombardier Learjet jets for sale worldwide.

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Learjet 70 follows its heritage as the most reliable lightweight aeroplane of the Fortune 50 and 500 series. Learjet 75 sets the standards by adding large nozzle capabilities to the most reliable lightweight aeroplane platforms among the Fortune 50 and 500 corporations. They have called for excellency, which is why we have developed an uncompromising airplane that still defines the supermedium class type.

The Challenger 350 is therefore the best-selling commercial jets in the last ten years. With our best-selling large aeroplane deck, we combine superior interiors with the best performance promise. A wide cab, global range and the very low cost of ownership make the Challenger 650 the first choise. Global 5000 really has it all, because being on the move should never get in your way.

Vast open habitats, a luxury cabin and new power plants combine with the latest wings technologies of the 7500 and 5500 commercial jets to re-define convenience and power. Developed to help you get things done - from running a busy get-together to getting a good night's rest, the 6000 is a great way to get the job done. Working, resting or playing - with a 6000 Enterprise Jets it's simple.

Redefining your expectation, the 7500 will inspire your sense with a redesigned cab, new engine and state-of-the-art wings for an enhanced flying sensation that is essentially truly worldwide. Globally, the 7500 plane is the biggest and most distant commercial airliner in the globe. Expand your flying experiences and explore the unrestricted liberty and customized luxuries of the 7500 Enterprise, a new generation of executive jets.

Offering an industry-leading choice and a three-suite layout, the Global 8000 provides a carefully engineered cab to maximise convenience and increase efficiency.

Lear jet 75

Learjet 75 sets the standards by adding large nozzle capabilities to the most reliable lightweight aeroplane platforms among the Fortune 50 and 500 corporations. Aerofoil styling and first-class airfoil load ensure the most smooth flight in the lightweight jets family. This is the only flat-bottom cab and 8-seater twin crew cab configured in the lightweight family.

This is the only lightweight with a front hand hatch; lean back and unwind in the category's calmest and most comfortable cab. Continue with full gas, 8 passenger and luggage; do not abandon anyone or anything. This is the only lightweight aircraft that has been certificated to a higher security level. Go flying quicker without sacrificing your engine's refuelling efficiency.

Have a look at the Learjet 75 datasheet and flyer. Learjet 75 cabins are in a league of their own, offering maximum convenience and privacy: low floors for easy handling, body doors for low sound level and fully fitted for productive use. Immerse yourself in an incomparable lightweight experience.

The only 8-seater dual venue of its kind in this type, you'll find yourself on the floor in a meeting room like no other. The only lightweight aircraft with a body hatch between dashboard and cab, you get the most quiet and privacy driving. As the most sophisticated and best-equipped cab in its range, it features a state-of-the-art cabimanagement system, a high-resolution compartment display, built-in side panel loudspeakers and six custom touch-screen displays that can be stowed or deployed as needed.

This results in the best and widest viewing, information and connection experiences in its class. Any Learjet is better than the last one. This means a more dependable and safe airplane for you. This Learjet 75 is fully loaded with the most sophisticated class aviation electronics designed to help pilots cut workloads and create excellent situation awareness. The Learjet 75 is the most powerful Learjet ever made.

The Learjet 75 was developed with security in view in mind. Learjet 75's leading role results from its superbly appointed cabins, state-of-the-art flight deck technology, convenience benefits and basic functions that are only available as costly competitive option. It' s an airplane that is not only built to make a quick return on its investment, but also to maintain its value for many years to come.

The Learjet 75 is not only the quickest plane in the segment, it also rides further than its competitors with a full throttle. This Learjet 75 offers an amazing cruising distance and cruises with full gas, 8 guests and all their valuable belongings further than the competitors. Featuring a Learjet 75 glider layout and first-class airfoil handling, the Learjet 75 offers travellers the smooth-running trip in the lightweight family.

Flying quicker, using less gas. Reduced combustion means that there is no need to affect the airspeed for improved economy, resulting in lower overall costs for an airplane flying at unbeatable tops. Learjet 75 offers an unprecedented return on your investments by providing quicker and more fuel-efficient flight envelope, resulting in the lower total ownership costs per driven sea kilometre in this class.

Enhanced Learjet 75 thrusts contribute to a quicker takeoff, a higher climbing rates and an unmatched top velocity of 464 kts, driven by the latest development of power plants that have proved their worth in over 100 million flying hours. 3. Despite these benefits and its industry-leading power, the Learjet 75 still provides outstanding Fuel Economy compared to rivals travelling at similar cruising rates.

1. From the dashboard to the stern of most cabins without luggage area. 1. From the dashboard to the stern of most cabins without luggage area. Information herein does not represent an offering, promise, promise, assurance, warranties or representations of any kind, and the configurations and performances of any airplane are set forth in a definitive sales contract.

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