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Expand your campaign and make your message stronger on any screen, anywhere your customers are, no matter what. Reception, review and response to customer inquiries from anywhere. a) Upon receipt of an application for charter service, a recipient may: Help - Contact us - Contract of carriage - Customer service plan - Asphalt delay plan.

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Since Google Translate is an outside site, DoIT does not check the translation contents for either qualitative or accurateness. Google Translate filters all DoIT contents, resulting in unanticipated and unforeseen damage to text, pictures, and the overall look and feel of pages being rendered. Googles Translate can adhere to unparalleled data protection and usage guidelines.

This policy is not under the control of DoIT and is not affiliated with DoIT's policy on the protection of personal information and use. If you have a question about the contents that have been transferred, you should refer to the source material on the DoIT website. Because DoIT uses Google Translate to offer translation services for its contents, we do not use Google Translate for any purpose. is a free, automatic translation agency that uses information and technologies to deliver its translation services.

Google translates is provided for information only. Googlespurate is a third provider of services and website visitors leave DoIT to use translations. DoIT therefore does not warrant or assume any liability for the precision, dependability or efficiency of this site or the restrictions of this site, such as the failure to provide translations of certain data such as pdf documents and images (e.g. . jpgs, . gifs, etc.).

While DoIT provides Google Translate as an on-line resource for its website visitors, DoIT does not directly support the website or implies that it is the only available service for its visitors. Persons or entities using DoIT contents in localized format, whether through Google Translate or other translating service providers, do so at their own peril.

The DoIT is not responsible for any losses or damage resulting from the use of or relying on language services. The DoIT accepts no responsibility for the activity of visitors to the website in relation to the use of Google Translate functions or contents. Google Translate is a means by which DoIT provides translation of contents and is intended exclusively for the comfort of non-English-speaking website visitors.

DoIT has no immediate oversight over the contents that are directly rendered as they appear with this utility. Therefore, in all correlations, the British contents, as provided directly by the DoIT, are to be used. Because Google Translator is an external website, the DoIT does not monitor the quality or accuracy of the contents it translates.

All DoIT content is filtered using Google Translator, which can result in unexpected or unpredictable degradation of text, images, and the overall appearance of translated pages. Google Translator can adhere to a unique privacy and usage policy. This policy is not controlled by DoIT and is not affiliated with DoIT's Privacy and Use Policy.

After selecting a translation option, users are informed that they are leaving the DoIT website. Users should consult the English language version of the DoIT website if they have questions about the translated content. DoIT uses the Google Translator to provide linguistic translations of its content.

Google Translator is a free and automated service based on data and technology to deliver your translations. The function of the Google Translator is for information purposes only. Translations cannot be guaranteed as accurate or without the inclusion of an incorrect or inappropriate language. Google Translator is a third party service and users of the website leave the DoIT to use the translated content.

DoIT therefore does not warrant or assume any responsibility for the accuracy, reliability or performance of this service or for the limitations this service provides, such as the inability to translate certain files such as PDFs and graphics (e.g. . jpgs, . gifs, etc.). DoIT provides the Google Translator as an online tool for its users, but DoIT does not directly support the website or imply that it is the only solution available to users.

All visitors to the website can use alternative tools for their translation needs. Any person who uses the content of the Do-IT in its translated form, whether through Google Translator or any other translation service, does so at their own risk. We are not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the use of or reliance on the translated content.

The DoIT assumes no responsibility for the activities of visitors to the website in connection with the use of the functionality or content of the Google Translator. The Google Translator service is a means by which DoIT provides translations of content and is intended solely for the convenience of non-English-speaking users of the Site.

The translated content is provided directly and dynamically by Google; DoIT has no direct access to the translated content as it appears with this tool. Therefore, in all contexts, the content provided by the DoIT in English is considered approved.

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