Basin Aviation

Basel Aviation

Contact details of the aircraft operator and fleet for BASIN AVIATION. Look how employees say it feels to work at Basin Aviation. The Basin Aviation. Midland Airpark.

The Basin Aviation at Midland Airpark

Exceptional customer support, line man and personnel are very useful. If you own several aircraft, it is always important when they disappear from your range. Parking at the Basin, they found the help of Rob L. and his boys, who quickly worked on exchanging our poor man-made horizons.

Thank you for your help and thank you for making my clients feel lucky and on their way to a marriage. It'?s people like you who keep aviation going. I phoned to make agreements, talked to a kind CSR who responded immediately. When I arrived, I found out that my rented vehicle had been given back to Hertz because I hadn't told them that I was going back behind schedules, which I had given by telephone.

date of my flight's flight's departure, on which I phoned earlier, I indicated when I would like to have the airplane produced, need gunpowder, petrol, ice, etc.. When I arrived at the FBO, the airplane was nowhere to be seen and the CSR didn't seem to know anything about my inquiry. Another airplane left the runway to place my airplane next to the main structure - the APU is attached to the main structure, not a hand-held device.

Applying for a pouch of icecream, I got a used 5-gallon pail with icecream in it and said they were out of the pouches. The CSR also made a manufacturing mistake when purchasing fuels. This makes it hard to co-ordinate service, petrol and car rental....etc. Basin Aviation's outstanding and alert people.

At two different points I appealed to find out what I needed to fulfil my passengers' intentions, and both of them I was said there would be no problem. Not only the first was when they shut before we got there with the customer's keys sealed in the FBO and the second was when they didn't want to spend much longer awaiting the passenger (although I was more than lucky to be paying a call-out fee.), they said I could hang out on my airplane.

Stoped for the dark aft he did a few chopper readings in the area. The Temps were supposed to be chilly that evening, so I asked if I could keep it under lock and key.... It was supposed to be an empty shed when the airplane was gone.... I may not be in contact anymore, but $150 a nights for an empty shed was a little much.

I' m in Ohio right now, buying $40 a nights in a hot shed! Perhaps I'd give him $150 if there was a Fickflor rug he could relax on, and someone would whisper cute things into his ears all dark.....

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