Why are the new York Jets Called the Jets

What are the New York jets called the jets for?

"I can have a new team here by Saturday," Matt remembers Werblin. The New York Jets New York Jets is an amazing handball game. Although they are called the New York Jets, they perform in New Jersey. They' re from the same arena as the New York Giants. You have a lot of supporters in New York and New Jersey.

New York Jets began in 1960.

These jets were initially referred to as New York Titans. In 1964, when they went to Shea Stadium, they were called the Jets. It was a more contemporary name, and he also sang the rhyme "New York Mets," the other squad that was playing their matches with Shea. New York Jets won only one Superb Bowl in 1969, this win was ensured by their own Joe Namath in the press in the week before the match.

The New York Giants/Jets are not the New Jersey Giants/Jets?

To me they are NOT the NY Giants, but the New Jersey Giants. Those supporters can speak about "well that other crews don't gamble in their own town, like...". It was inaugurated in New York in 1925 and "Moved"

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