Chartered Secretary course Fees

Fees for the Chartered Secretary course

Axes of route and fees ESQS What will CSQS do for me? Application fees: When you start CSQS, there is a one-time charge for registering as an ISSA participant. subscriptions: Initial payments are due upon enrolment and will be charged according to the member calendars of International Civil Society (ICSA). Liberation fees: Applies once your itinerary has been validated and is due for settlement within six and a half days of inscription.

Examination fees: You have to pay if you want to take an examination (until 1 April for the June tests and until 1 October for the November tests). CSQS offers discounted prices for CSQS undergraduates who live in a number of different European Union member states, register and take their final examination. Show all qualifying counties for the discount reduction.

Supplementary fees : The Fast Track Professional is available at a combined charge of 1,845 (countries with a discounted rate* are entitled to claim the discounted tariff of 230). Included are the first admission, the one-year studentship, all fees and an examination record for each of the two courses.

Full Guidelines for the CS Examination of the Company Secretary

Full guidance on the CS audit of the Company Secretary. If the Company Secretary's carreer leads you to continue, please take a moment to learn more about the programme. According to Company Secretary Act, 1980, ist "Company Secretary" (CS) Mitglied des Institute of Company Secretary of India.

In order to become a member of ICSI, a candidate must attend a full 3-step course as an ICSI Society Secretary. CS usually has an important part to play in the overall finance and ownership of a business. There is a possibility for a firm secretary to act as senior counsel to the board of directors of a corporation and to conduct clerical examinations for publicly traded corporations.

The Corporate Secretary examination consists of 3 examination tiers, which include the 8-month Foundation program, the Executive program, and the Professional program. The minimum length of the CS program is 2.5 years for alumni and 3 years. Each of the 3 stages of the examinations is carried out twice a year in the month of June and December. Deal: The students are introduced to the basics of bookkeeping and doing business at Foundation level with 4 paperwork, the Executive Program is subdivided into 2 sessions with a combined of 7 paperwork and focuses on Corporate Law, Fiscal Law and Bookkeeping and Audit.

Our professional program is subdivided into 4 moduls with a grand altogether of 8 lectures. These levels focus on the areas of business secretariat, good practices, restructurings, strategic planning and other senior issues. 10+2 year old college and college can begin the Foundation program, and those who have either reached Foundation proficiency or a degree can choose the Executive program, but to enroll in the Professional program, it is imperative that you successfully enroll in the Executive program first.

Once they have passed the 10+2 exam (except for Fine Arts), they must pass the Foundation program. There is a 8-month time limit for the program, which must be concluded within 3 years of application. Examinations can only be taken after 9 month from the date of enrolment. People who have approved the Foundation program or are graduates (except in the visual arts) may apply for the Executive Program.

There is a 1 -year time limit, which must be reached within 5 years of the inscription. The Executive Program is made up of 2 chapters and upon completion of a course of at least 9 month, candidates can take examinations in both chapters. It is only those who have finished the Executive Program who can register for the Professional Program.

There is a 1 year requirement for the programme, which must be concluded within 5 years of the date of application for the Executive Programme. Verbal Coaching: Within the framework of the official educational requirement, 30 2 hour courses per course are compulsory for the Foundation programme. The Executive Programme requires 35 2 hour courses for each course.

40 2 hour courses for each of the subjects of the program. There are other short-term education programmes: Upon completing the program, the student is obligated to attend the program: Pupils must also enroll in an EDP (Executive Development Program), which lasts 8 workingdays after the Executive Program is completed and before the 15-month program begins.

Fifteen month Leadership Development Course (including PDP): Upon completing the Leadership Program, applicants must complete 15 month leadership education with a firm secretary in the field or in a business. Included in this course are 25 lessons of the Professional Development Program (PDP). A 15-day MSOP ( "Management Skills Orientation Programme") after the Professional Program and a 15 -month course is available.

Upon completing the Vocational Programme and a 15-month course of study, applicants may become ICSI members and hold the Associate Company Secretary (ACS) name. First, the Company Secretary is a much appreciated term that confirms the juridical and managerial competence of a business executive.

It is a secretary who will interact with a company's top executive, senior executives and MD, CEO or Board of Directors and provide business counsel. As a rule, CS is an authority on corporation laws and has an important part to play in the development and implementation of guidelines for good business practice.

That makes him a part of the executives in the company's core positions. Carreer perspectives are promising and a CS can either work with a reputable company or begin its own business. CS Foundation, Executive and Specialist Program documents must be completed within 4hrs.

The Foundation examination requires at least 40% in each work and 50% in the sum of all works for successful completion. In both the Executives Program and the Professional Program, a student must achieve at least 40% in each work and 50% in the sum of all works within each unit in order to take the examinations.

In the following you will find the breakdown of the CS examination fees. Specific course materials for Foundation, Executive and Professional programs can be obtained from the ICSI website. Gain an insight into the subtleties of the Companies Act, 2013 and any amendments, changes in regulations related to corporate laws. Except for a subtraction of 0.25 Mark for each wrong response for OMR-based examinations in the Executive Program, there is no adverse evaluation for wrong responses.

The ICSI provides the Merit School Scheme (Company Secretaryship Course), 1983, with the intention of recognizing and promoting commendable achievement. Scholarships are only available to enrolled participants of the Professional or Academic Program. In the case of leadership candidates, they should have approved all Foundation documents in a sole session, in the first try, without exception in one document, and should have received at least 55% of the total grades, and should have signed up for the Foundation's program within three month of the Foundation's review results being announced.

In the case of professionals programme undergraduates, they should have completed all the work of both types of module at medium levels in a sole meeting, in the first try, without exception in each work, and have obtained at least 55 per cent overall grades. Ambassadorial Academic-Year Ambassadorial Scholarships The number of Ambassadorial Scholarships that will be granted for both the Executive and Profesional Programs is restricted to 25 in one meeting and 50 within one year.

To be able to claim the fellowship, applicants must fulfil the conditions laid down by the school. These include the maintenance of high study standard and the satisfactory performance of verbal training in accordance with course regulations. Secretaries e-bulletin', Chartered Secretary, Bare Act, suggested reading and other publication on the topics.

Its most important feature is its steadfast emphasis on financial, legal and accountancy skills as some of the integrated issues that need to be considered when administering a company's business. Upon completion of the CS, an expert can look forward to working with the top executive team of a business and at the same time act as an adviser to the Board of Directors, the Chief Executive Officer or the MD.

This opens up an interesting and yet highly-competitive field for a pro in which he or she can directly participate in making business decisions.

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