$49 Flights

49 Flights

High Beach, CA to San Francisco for $49, flight specials and travel offers. The Southwest just launched its massive sale starting at $49 each way ($98 return flight, including taxes), which comes out only twice a year. Find $49 flights this way. Good tidings for those of us who don't have an unlimited budget: it's possible to find flights under $49, which may seem incredibly inexpensive, but I'm not kidding! Air carriers are conscious that customers need good offers and many are in competition to provide the most attractive and cheapest air fare.

What can an airline do to provide such low prices?

Providing tariffs at such unbelievably low rates may seem like a poor commercial instinct to you. South West sells tickets twice a year in June and October, with round-trip air rates falling below $100 on many of its short flights. Recent selling had one-way flights from $49, with the longer haul increasing to $79 / $99 / $129 (the main route pricing).

Flights during these sells can also be below $49 per flight; for example, the last flight from Los Angeles to Albuquerque could be sold for $45 per flight. Surprisingly, there are also some overseas flights that start here at only a slightly higher $59. These Southwest sells demand that good deal-seekers don't dawdle because they run for brief periods, shoppers vie for deal, and the sells are unbelievably loved - June 2015 the sell was so loved that the Southwest website actually crashes and they were compelled to prolong the sell for another 24 hrs.

Whilst some fare rates in recent years have not been as low as in previous years, Southwest is still at the top of the rankings when it comes to the available fare rates of up to $49. While Southwest is the best known carrier for its incredible low fare, many other carriers recognise the high level of traffic demanded by these low budget flights and have therefore chosen to outperform Southwest's ticket revenues.

JetBlue, a much-loved carrier, for example, only offered 49 US dollars in a deal in October 2017 that was similar to that in the southwest of the country. JetBlue one-way ticket prices start at US$49 for a two day stay in the USA, Caribbean and South America. Stunning highlights were $49 flights from Oakland to Long Beach, California, $69 flights from Ft. Lauderdale to Turks and Caicos, and $74 flights from Florida to Barbados.

Each of these samples is indicative of the type of offers you can find when looking for these types of giant ticket vendors. Best flying instrument you can use? Here is a great airborne finder. No matter what your air charter and travelling requirements are, this online enquiry will help you find the best and least expensive air charter offers.

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