Airport Shuttle Pick up

Pick-up from the airport shuttle

You don't need to worry about traffic, road services, parking fees and the stress of driving to the airport. specify particulars Please let us know when and where we can pick you up and set you down. Benefit from the many advantages of our Shuttle to Anywhere application, which is now available for both iPhone and Android cellphone. Prevent your billing information from being entered every single day by storing it in your secure and protected area.

With the Prime Shuttle App you can go anywhere. Adjust your pick-up and drop-off point and type, pick up as soon as possible or RVSP for your reservation. Do you know your driver's detail, position and expected ETA? Should you wish a more personal and convenient journey, we have a range of optional public transport options.

Our company is able to offer you the cheapest airport transport available. If you book the Shuttle2LAX Economy Services, you are in a shuttle with up to 9 seats and make between one and four stations on the way to or from the airport. Up to 80% off the conventional cab fare with this one.

Up to 2 people can use this facility. These new services use Prius hybrids that are designed with the environment in mind. The Economy Plus is our cheapest personal travel option, i.e. it is a personal travel option so you do not have to make any stop. Shuttle2LAX Business Services is the right choice for you.

In contrast to other luxurious limousine rental companies that usually charge rates based on travel distances, number of travelers or travel times, our business rental business offers a fixed price. When you want the luxuries of a business class, but need more room, our First Class Business is the way to go.

The Private Van is our oversized non-stop 7 or 9-seater van rental company. Ideal if you need more room or just want to taxi with the whole team. Working with large transport operators and the sale of otherwise empty seating, we are able to provide a $20 LAX shuttle.

Only the leading airport shuttle vans and transport operators in the sector work with us. They can be sure that they are not only fully licenced and covered, but also the best in terms of client support. You don't need to worry about transport, street maintenance, car park charges and the hassle of having to drive to the airport.

Schuttle2LAX ensures that you get to Los Angeles International Airport in good Time for your booking. What is the required amount of prior notification to reserve a pick-up? With our on-line booking system you will not be able to make a booking less than 6 hrs before your pick-up date. Where do I know that my shuttle comes from a secure, licenced, insured and respected business?

Any company that we assign to use licensees who are LAX and California Public Utilities Commission licenced and fully covered. Only the best businesses are selected to service you. Work with inferior businesses would just make us look poor too, so we have an incentive to be cautious.

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