Cab and Taxi

Taxi and taxi

Where is the difference between Uber and other taxi drivers in India? What is BrE and what is AmE? What is the main discrepancy between a taxi and a taxi?

Both come from the initial term for a rental car that was a taxi. Taxi " comes from the counter that computes the price (taximeter) and "taxi" from the convertible that was initially a coach. It is known as a taxi in some places and as a taxi in others.

The majority of English-speaking nations will know it as one or both. It is almost always taxi in many non-English language spoken places - or a derivation from it. Taxi is one of the few special types of taxi that have to be one of the few cars - they have been put to the test for turning circles and wheelchairability.

Taxi - in general use can be a taxi, but "Minicab" means a personal car (PHV). They are much less strictly controlled - i.e. the car is only checked for security and the chauffeur only needs a PCO driving licence (e.g. police records, possibly a small speech test).

About in London for example is a mini cab bus company - as such the term "taxi" can not be used in ads etc.. Taxis and taxis refer to the same means of transport - the use of the hired means of transport. Convertible is the abbreviation for convertible, which is the oldest means of transport (horses), while taxi is the newest means of transport (vehicle).

Taxi and taxi are the same. And for more taxi, go to Come Soon for a bunch of them.

Taxicab VS Cabin

This is the oldest type of rental car for horses and was known as a "taxi" (short for cabriolet). This name was retained when taxi companies switched to motorcycles equipped with a "taximeter" (which measures how far you had gone). They were referred to as "taxis". Today, each of the two words is used. A number of UK taxi operators have reserved the use of the phrase "taxi" for diesel-powered trains with a high rooftop to the cabin (also known as "black cabs") and have used the phrase "minicab" for off-the-shelf car rentals.

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