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taxicab fee

Taxi flatrate from / to Athens International Airports - Athens Forum Note that if you use a taxi between Athens International Airports and the hotels/areas in downtown Athens, the price is all-inclusive (35 Euro per day, 50 Euro per night), including ALL supplement. Tolls, baggage fees, value added tax, airports fees, counter starts are ALL-inclusive. Don't be fooled by a taxi rider who might tell you: "It's 35 Euro + tolls etc.". However, what is not covered are dates, i.

e. call a call taxi from your front desk or make an arrangement for a taxi to wait for you to take you from point a to point b. However, ALL fees that apply to a regular taxi trip are covered.

Apparently there is now a lump sum of 47E from the Piraeus International Airports, even during the day?! Short the Ledra Mariott...Intercontinental contained in the inner ring?! No, unfortunately still no all-inclusive price from the Piraeus International Airports. The lower rates indicated on the site to which the link refers are "indicative", i.e. they are only an indicator of the price anticipated for the particular itinerary.

Well, that's very interesting... never thought Hilton IS would be there and not Caravel... they're "practical" across the road (well, near enough;-)... so a trip to Caravel would be at the normal price?!

Thank again I think of the president hotels for some!!!!! Isn' this place in the 35-euro area? Otherwise, you know the approximate costs of the flight from the north. A taxi trip on a Friday afternoon can go into the 45 EUR range if you include the counter and any fees incurred.

Technically, if you want to take advantage of the 35 Euro prize, you have to ask your drivers to deduct you 0.15 miles in advance (see this card) or ask them to use the 35 Euro prize and "rent" the taxi again for this brief stretch without getting out of the vehicle at all, teach them how to "repair" a 35 + about 5 Euro prize.

Have a look at this card to get an impression of the position and closeness to the inner ring: thank you very much for your information on the taxi fares already published. Coincidentally, do you know the costs of a taxi from Athens to the Piraeus docks? The art hotel on Marni Str?

I' m also interested in finding out the taxi costs from a Piraeus Stadthotel to Piraeus and how much is the fee that will be added to the counter for the taxi to be summoned to your accommodation at the front desk? Does it have a default fee or does it vary depending on the taxi ride to you?

Sadly, the tariff from Athens to Piraeus is not set, so it matters what the counter says. In addition to the counter reading, these are added: Funkgespräche cost between 3 and 6 euro and depend on which enterprise your front desk will call. Ask your receptionist what the precise call price is for the business they are calling.

To call a taxi or to call one? It is always advisable to make an advance arrangement for a certain date. It is not simple to call a taxi (e.g. you need to know which side of the street you should be on, but many others). To simplify matters, I recommend making an arrangement with a taxi at your local front desk.

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