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What do Barcelona taxis cost. Tariffs and surcharges Taxis Barcelona. Airport Barcelona Taxi Service : Official BCN Airport Cabs At Barcelona airport there is always a large number of taxi cabs. You cannot be called by chance - it is necessary to join a line in which you will be guided to a taxi on hold. At Barcelona Airport there are taxi stands in front of Terminal 1 (T1) and Terminal 2 (T2).

Taxi services from Barcelona airport are subject to a minimal surcharge. Barcelona's regular taxi is available in monochrome with green pages. On this page you will find information about where to fish from Barcelona airport taxi, taxi fares, surcharges, large taxi, handicapped taxi, long haul taxi, complaint procedure. At Barcelona airport there are taxi stands outside T1 and T2 (T2A, as well as those of P2B and T2C).

They' re easily found, just look for the taxi stand sign when you exit a terminals block that will take you in the right lane to the next taxi stand. You' ll be saving your precious travel by following the signposts to the next taxi stand instead of just going on foot to where you see crowds queuing for a taxi.

Because the closest taxi stand could be either right or right, if you are leaving a terminals buildings and don't have a line, you would miss it and waste extra effort going to a highly frequented taxi stand further away. Passengers must go to the rail taxi departure area at the front of the taxi line.

They' ll lead you to a cab assigned to you. Please note that there is a minimal fee on taxi from the airports. This is the price when traveling to a location within the Barcelona area. When your final destinations are outside the Barcelona area, the taxi fares per kilometer are higher.

The best thing is to clarify with the taxi cab owner what the taxi charge will be. They also have to bear the costs of any toll that is run through, but there is no toll between Barcelona International and Barcelona Centrum. You may not need to take a taxi to your accommodation if you are accommodated in a nearby Barcelona International Airports resort.

Although it is only five minutes, there is a minimal price from the international airports. When you book your accommodation, make sure there is a regular shuttles from Barcelona International airport. The majority of hostels near the airports offer this as a free of charge option.

Additional surcharges are also available and we suggest that you visit our Barcelona taxi prices and surcharges page. When you enter the taxi, you can verify the surcharges on a label on the back of the taxi windows. Most of the taxi services in Barcelona are officially authorised to transport a max. of 4 persons.

Among them is also the largest part of the Van-Taxis. The Metropolita del Taxi Institute says that about 10% of Vantaxis have a specific licence to transport up to 6 people. When you need one of these cabs, you should ask the taxi driver at the taxi stand to get one for you.

They may have some wait times as this type of taxi is not so easily available. When you are in the center of the center and want a taxi for up to 6 people, it is advisable to call an authorized taxi service and specifically ask for a taxi.

A Vantaxi in the center of the town hoping to have a 6-person licence is not a good option as this type of taxi is not used. Please be aware that there is an extra charge for Vantaxis for every adult over 4 persons. To book your flight before your departure, you can book your flight by following the links below to book a mini bus for your group.

Please be aware that a mini bus shuttle is a private bus shuttle and is not linked to the Barcelona taxi services. When you want to file a claim about your taxi rider, make sure you ask for a copy of the bill (e.g. "un uniquet, por favour") at the end of your trip. Upon your demand, all taxi riders are obligated to give you a receipts.

Read our FAQs on how to file an offical claim about a taxi in Barcelona. Barcelona's regular airport taxi services are not available for passengers with a wheelchair or scooter. When you need a taxi for the handicapped, a firm named Taxi Amic can help you. More information on how to get in touch with them can be found on the page Disability Leave in Barcelona.

When you think that you have forgotten something in your taxi, it is possible to call a particular hotline. For further information on what to do in these circumstances, please refer to our response to one of our Barcelona Taxi FAQs. Taxi services from Barcelona Airport can be simple and comfortable.

You should consider all costs before deciding on a taxi as an alternative to other means of transportation, and include the surcharges and the minimal fee. Do you have further question about the Barcelona taxi services, you can find the answers you are looking for in our dedicated taxi section under Frequently Asked Question about the Barcelona taxi services.

A safe baggage deposit and transfer system is available to and from Barcelona. It is a practical way for you to check in your baggage and have it safely delivered to your place of departure, e.g. your accommodation or another location, e.g. the cruising docks. There is an articel which describes this services in more detail.

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