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We are also able to create much needed charts for ill and wounded people....

We are also able to create much needed charts for ill and wounded people.... If Air Charter Service offers a one-way charter, the aircraft is sometimes empty when it returns to its base or another worldwide site. Let us know your needs and one of our charter specialists will make you an offer.

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The cost of a chauffeured aircraft is the same whether it is carrying a single person or a large group. For every trip we can provide the ideal aircraft, from a short cruising distance to a large cabine and long haul aircraft. We will be happy to give you an accurate quotation for your flights at the moment of your reservation, taking into consideration your particular needs.

However, as a general guideline, these are the basic fares for the aircraft models in our fleet:

Charter flight booking for 25 years

One of the first to make the privately owned aviation industry available to demanding travelers everywhere, Privat Jet Charter still flies high more than two years later. In our opinion, we have found the perfect match between advanced technology and good old-fashioned value, which allows us to offer a personal travelling adventure like no other.

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Must you charter a personal aircraft for company or recreational use?

We have a dedicated staff of experts searching the markets to find the most appropriate aircraft for your journey and then sending you a tailor-made quote. As soon as you have chosen your aircraft, we will e-mail you your route. Just get on the plane on the date of your plane ride.

Not sure which aircraft is best for your next trip? Please check our aircraft directory for help.

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