Bellair Taxi

Belair Taxi

Bell's retro-futuristic air taxi is part of Blade Runner. That generation will expect to receive an Air Taxi as part of their integrated, automated life. Over, Bell helicopters want to take Texas aerial cabs by 2023.

Over and Fort Worth-based Bell Helicopters are working to start an aerial taxi in Dallas-Fort Worth. "Stan Swainitek, Ubers Aerospace Program Manager, said last weekend at the Tarrant County Commissioner Gary Fickes yearly traffic conference in Hurst in front of approximately 650 participants, "We are expecting test flight by 2020 and expected to see commercially operational by 2023.

It would use battery-powered vertical take-off and landing choppers (like a tiltrotor, but smaller and quieter) designed and built by Bell. First, the Lufttaxi taxi company, which has the working name Uber Elevate, would be operating from two "Vertiports", which could be located on level ground or on the roof of a multi-storey structure.

There would be one at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport and the other at Frisco Base, near the new Dallas Cowboy head office, The Star at Frisco. Further vertical ports will be added in the coming years at strategically important sites in Fort Worth, Arlington and Dallas. Hillwood, the developer of Fort Worth's AllianceTexas, would supply the stations' sites and other floor infrastructures.

Imagine the North Texas people using other ways of carpooling or carpooling such as Uber or Lyft for transporting cargo from the ports to their ultimate destinations. "Bell has many clients at the top end of the business ladder, but it's timely to offer another group of people a better aviation solutions, and the way you do that is to reduce costs," said Scott Drennan, Bell's head of innovations, ahead of the meeting.

Uber and Bell are willing to work with the US Aviation Administration to design such a system, said Al Brunner, FAA security supervisor. What the pilot scheme would demand is that the Bundesanstalt take a new look at how air space, which is only a few hundred ft above the floor, is controlled.

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