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Can my passenger use his taxi fare subsidy system for Hail & Pay? The leading Australian domestic smartphone-based car-sharing and taxi booking platform.

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The GoCatch - the Australia based lower per day rate without a price boost policy. Touch the application to get a GoCatch quickly and securely. There is a GoCatch for every minute, whether it's your day to day drive, a flight to the international airports or a friend party, and we are available throughout Australia. Requiring a GoCatch is simple: - Open the GoCatch application and type in your target.

  • It' s Economy, Premium, Taxi or Maxi. - Type Ask to see the fares and select your preferred mode of paying. - Paying with GoCatch is straightforward. Taxis & Maxi also accepts cashless transfers. - Score your rider a Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down and help us make sure we surpass your expectation.

When you need a fast and economical trip for your daily excursions, choose the economy. Or, if you are looking for an upscale event with a luxurious car, choose our Premier - it is ideal for these extra ordinary occasions or date evenings. If you have a lot of buddies or baggage to carry, get a Maxi for max size.

Or, if you just need a dependable taxi to get where you need to go without calling outside, there are hundreds of millions with easy bar and credit cards. GoCatch Rewards gives you GoCoins for every on-demand journey and advance reservation you make with GoCatch, which can be redeemed at the GoCatch Rewards Shop.

Join GoCatch or become a VIP member and explore a whole range of opportunities. In addition, VIP members get privileged advantages and specials, free VIP premium transfers, priority customer service privileges, concierge booking services and more. With GoCatch Enterprise Solutions, you get a free, GST-compliant enterprise trip management system.

Get better insights and transparency into your corporate expense. We introduce the Rewards Shop from GocCatch. Now you can start earning and redeeming GoCoins in the application for free gifts (GoCatch credits) and VIP premium transfers. Compared to other applications, the rate of using cocatch is about 30% higher.

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