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Finest aircraft interior

Best aircraft interior design concepts for 2015 8 If you are planning for a tight room like an aircraft cab, you need to get a little bit of creativity. It is a small aircraft with little room, so it becomes a challenging task to satisfy the needs of an aircraft (adding seating, increasing luggage compartment capacity, using less weight, etc.) while at the same time taking into account passenger security and wellbeing.

Many of the best are awarded every year at the Crystal Cabin Awards at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg. discovered this Elisava Center Elisava trolley design for the Barcelona School of Design and Engineering, which goes into the Why didn't you think of it earlier group.

As it is slimmer, the passenger can pass by (they always like to go to the toilets when the drinks trolleys are outside). It seems easy, but the jury at the Crystal Cabin Awards 2015 found it brillant enough to make it a winner. We' re amazed that this genius idea didn't go into mass production before.

As so many travellers carry more than one device, the eclipse is an affordably priced way for air carriers to supply small appliances with electricity without having to install conventional sockets. Since almost every local carrier charges a charge for giving up a pocket, more travellers carry it on instead. The Boeing has found a way to expand space bins capability.

According to Boeing, the spaces bins will increase baggage capacity by 50 percent while shortening the amount of travel required by travellers to search for free spaces - critical if you want your aircraft to reduce overtime. Embraer, the Brazil-based company, has developed the Embraer 2 cab interior for its next generations of aircraft in the region's aircraft family.

Local jet aircraft usually have small cabins, but the F2 looks roomy. As Embraer says, the luggage compartments are 40 percent bigger, which will please the regular flyers who often fly in these small aircraft. Designed for premier class occupants, the F2 cab uses a offset seating design to give the feeling of room.

Wearing a car safety chair is an additional strain for travellers with small children. Aerokid is a seating design with integral infant and toddler seats. Lufthansa Technik's proprietary seating can be converted into position to hold very young travellers while at the same time ensuring their safety.

By eliminating the need for parenting to take heavy car seat on board, it accelerates the snowboarding experience. Created by Alexandra Moceri, a college graduate designer at the College for Creative Studies in Michigan, who completed an internship at B/E Aerospace, the Escape is a sight that also serves as an in-flight entertaining screen.

Moceri' s other concepts can be found in the Behance range as a Crystal Cabin Awards finisher. A further academic design, the Enable, uses the tablet interface as an interacting screen. Naturally it is a little Hollywood in conception, but not quite impossibly in the near-term. Thales' Eye Tracking and Hand Gesture Control, a Crystal Cabin Award 2013 recipient, uses these parts to move around on a backrest screen, eliminating the need for real remotes.

This system is intended for luxury cab occupants who are equipped with bigger monitors but usually sitting far away (economy occupants are sitting so near that they can touch a touch screen).

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