Rockville Center Cab Service

Cabin Service at Rockville Center

From Rockville Centre. The Dawson Taxi offers the cheapest and most convenient taxi service from Rockville Centre to the airport. "...

Rockville Centre by ensuring that a taxi cabin service is available when needed. (Travelers heading east are enquiring about a possible change at Jamaica Station.) Buses and taxis are available from and to the campus.

The taxi service provides senior citizens with a free trip to the Rockville Centre | Herald Community Newspapers

Currently the only cab service at Rockville Centre, All Island Transportation said at the elders' assembly on 9 October that it would offer free transport to the village's senior citizens every Thursday starting this weekend. Notice was given soon after a request was received from City Car Service Inc. of Lynbrook for a licence to run the Rockville Centre.

Lawrence Blessinger Jr. said All Island VP Mayor Francis Murray and the executive committee were discussing whether the service should be offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays, and Cyd Charrow, head of the village's seniors' service, said Thursday was elected because it is one of the busiest dates. According to Blessinger, the range of taxis offered was influenced by the economic situation.

It will be "point to point in the village", Blessinger said, and will run between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. According to Murray, villagers are considering applying for the service, although they have not heard many appeals from those who think there should be more taxi operators. According to Murray, All Island has been upgrading and adding new cabins in recent years.

Town of Rockville Centre, NY Regulation

Observe the following rules when operating and travelling with any taxi on the town' s roads: All taxis operating below shall have a fixed skylight with the words'Taxi' printed on it so that it is always legible and shall display on the outside of each front entrance the words'Taxi' and the name and adress of the proprietor in characters at least two inch and no more than four inch high, either lacquered or otherwise secured.

The licence granted by the Village Scribe shall also be placed in a prominent place on the front leave hand side entrance as indicated above. Additionally a locket of the village secretary is to be attached to the back fender. B. No individual may take a taxi through the village's roads unless it is placed in such a way that it is clearly recognisable and easily accessible to all travellers, the driver's licence and a list of the highest prices in the village.

C. Drivers of all taxis must at all times be in the driver's cab or immediately next to their taxis if they are in a publicly accessible location, except that, if necessary, drivers may not be away from the cab for more than 20 successive mins. D. No cabbie shall ask a passenger for help unless he parks or stands at a cab rank and unless he sits in the cab of such a cab or stands immediately beside it, or in a strong or pesky note or by a signal or in any way obstructs or persecutes the motion of any individual to obtain his sponsorship.

E. A taxi operator may not take a cruising trip in pursuit of a passenger. Q. No taxi operator may stop to receive extra passenger as he travels to the final destinations of the passenger who is then in the taxi without the permission of all such passenger. G. No taxi operator shall allow more people to be transported in his taxi than the number for which he has seats.

H. No taxi operator may, upon demand, decline or fail to carry an ordered passenger, unless he/she has previously been working to full load or the carriage of such a passenger has been significantly delayed or is causing considerable annoyance to those who have already used his/her taxi. If a taxi transports two or more people to different places of destination, the taxi operator shall be the exclusive adjudicator of the order in which these people are taken to their places of destination and of the itinerary to be followed for delivery.

J. Taxis may not be parked or parked on a road or in a square, except at a cab rank which is named or set up in accordance with a decision of the Village Board of Trustees and thus labelled. K. No person in a cab shall wait more than five seconds before continuing to the declared point of arrival.

L. Any accident involving a taxi must be notified to the Rockville Centre Police within 24 working days of the accident occurring. Every taxi operator must promptly inspect his taxi for loss of or damage to goods as soon as possible after his taxi has been evacuated by the occupants and, if he finds such goods, return them immediately to the Rockville Centre police station.

N. Each taxi cab operator shall comply with all transport legislation, orders, rules as well as prescriptions while a taxi is in transit and, upon receiving a subpoena for his detention for an apparent breach of such legislation, order, rule or provision, shall within three workingdays report to the Village Scribe the type of offence, the name and place of the Tribunal and the date on which the subpoena may be returned or on which the hearings or trials are to take place, and shall inform the Village Scribe of the type of offence, the name and place of the Tribunal and of the date on which the subpoena or provision is to be returned.

O. Except for the rider or a co-driver, no other persons may board a taxi while it is in use. P. Any taxi cab operator authorised as such under this section must inform the Village Scribe within 48 working days of any changes to his postal addresses or losses of his taxi driving licence, chauffeur's licence or driving licence.

Q. A taxi holder or taxi operator shall not require or suggest that a customer or potential customer pays a higher price than that specified herein. R. Any persons authorised as taxi owners under this section shall be required to provide a continuing service seven working days perweek, 24 working hours permonth, from at least one depository or terminal, except that every holder shall be required to provide a continuing service at least eight working hours peray and at least five working days pereweek.

S. All drivers must keep a note of all journeys on a document authorised by the Village Scribe indicating the place and place where each person used their taxi and the place and place where they used it. These records shall be kept by the taxi proprietor for at least one year.

T. The refusal by a customer to accept payment of the price of the ticket is illegal. Pick up and drop off a customer from any point in the Incorporated Village of Rockville Centre to any other point in it: There is no surcharge for a lone minor under the ages of four if he or she is escorted by an adult student.

Travelling waits: $18 per lesson or $3 every 10 min or part thereof. LayGuardia: $36 for the first adult, with an extra fee of $3/person from the 18th. J.F.K.: $28 for the first adult, with an extra fee of $3/person from the ages of 18.

$75 for the first adult, with an extra fee of $5 per adult over the age of 18. Gas oline surcharges shall be determined on the basis of a decision by the Board of Trustees of the Village of Rockville Centre at a level to be determined from period to period.

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