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Sri Lanka Air Flights

Bandsaranaike International Airport (CMB/VCBI) Colombo, Sri Lanka. Arrival at Ibrahim Nasir International Airport (MLE/VRMM), Malé, Maldives. Cheap fares, spacious economy seats, points for all expenses and a bundle of airport services. You can compare cheap flights and book your flight tickets directly from Sri Lanka by clicking on the pages of the agencies and airlines. Booking your flight to Sri Lanka today!

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What awaits you in Sri Lanka? Maybe you are looking for low cost flights to Sri Lanka for a much needed holiday or you just need to get on to see the family. Fly is a small part of the whole experience. Are you unsure how to get the best value airfare to Sri Lanka?

To save money, it is advisable to visit on a Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday. Returns on a Sunday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Often it is possible to get offers from Monday to Thursday. Departures on Thursday and returns on Sunday are generally cheaper than departures on Friday and returns on Monday. Consult with your fellow travelers before you search, and you can act quickly when it's booking day.

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Fly in less loved times can mean additional cash in your purse - yes, please!

Booking flights to Colombo, Sri Lanka (CMB)

It' s an exhilarating place to be, because developments are so rapid. In their entourage, cyclists are leaving behind a cloud of dirt, and you can see automobiles and cabs hurrying through the town. They deliver high caliber executive staff to meet in eye-catching new office spaces and more tourist than ever to the increasing proliferation of deluxe malls, hotel and restaurant venues.

However, there are not only quick automobiles and high-rises in the city. Nearby there are nearby sandy shores, shop refuges for discovery and verdant boulevards for fun on idle afters. Known as the "Pearl of the Indic Ocean", Sri Lanka has a gemstone manufacturing tradition that dates back to Marco Polo's age.

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