Jet Airways Ticket Booking Confirmation

Ticket reservation confirmation by Jet Airways

Check into the Jet Airways flight directly from your home. Prior to your next Jet Airways flight, be sure to visit our check-in guide to answer some of the most frequently asked questions. <font color="#ffff00" size=14> ;, <

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You can now board the Jet Airways service directly from your home. The Web Check-in accelerates your check-in procedure by allowing you to directly verify and approve your boarding card from your computer.

You can also use Web Checking In to precheck your baggage, choose your seating, catering options (if any) and much more before you fly to the airport. Used to use the Jet Airways Web Check-in function.

Where can I make a booking?

Where can I make a booking? Is it possible to make and keep a booking and make payments later? Yes, travellers can keep the booking and make payments later if they make a booking at least 2 clear working days before their date of travel. Booking can be postponed for up to 24hrs from the date a booking is made and will be terminated if full payments have not been received by that date.

When can I reserve a plane in time? Where do I make my booking? Reservations must be made by credit/debit cards or bank cards (if available). At least one of the passengers enrolled in the initial PNR (Credit Shell PNR) should travel with the new PNR.

Visa, Mastercard and American Express cards are acceptable. In the case of all international (non-Indian) credit/debit cards, the payment must be presented for checking at the desk if the customer is the holder of the payment ticket. In the event that the Ticket Holder does not travel, it is imperative that the Traveler present a copy of the front of the credit/debit cards properly authorised by the Ticket Holder as well as the current ID of the Ticket Holder to the Flughafen check-in personnel.

If there is no such credit/debit or copy and/or discrepancy in our identification, we shall be obliged to deny carriage. What time does the carrier bill my credit/debit cards after I make an online booking? Do I need what documentation for my overseas flights? It is the passengers' responsibility to make sure that, in addition to their ticket, they have all the necessary documentation for the journey.

Please ask all travelers to verify the precise requirements and paperwork and confirm them with the consulates of the relevant states. What is the best way to reserve a place without a credit/debit key? Travelers without a credit/debitĀ  card can make the purchase using one of the following options: Is it possible to change/cancel my booking (flight date, departure and arrival times)?

Passengers wishing to make a booking modification, e.g. date and hour or cancel their booking, must notify us at least four working days before the planned date of take-off. Effective 05 August 18, a charge of INR 3500 per person per route will be levied for changes to the booking.

From November 1, 2017, the charge for canceling a booking will be 4500 INR (e.g., September 6, 2018 or basic rate plus per capita per transportation and per sectors per cancelation, whichever is lower). If the currently available ticket price is lower than the initial one, the remaining money will be withheld in the shape of a credits shell.

When can I change/cancel my booking (flight date, travel date, travel hour, travel source and destination)? If my name is not on the above mentioned lists but I am sure I have made a booking, what happens? When a passenger has made a booking, they should have a booking number and itinerary. Yes, with the appropriate credit/debit cards (MasterCard/Visa).

Payment by credit/debit balance shall be made at the cardholder's prevailing rate of foreign currency conversion. Payment for non-Indian credit/debit tickets is physically checked at the airports; please see our Conditions of Transport for further information.

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