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The iTaxi is a taxi application that allows you to quickly and easily book a taxi directly from your mobile phone. iTaxi application is very easy to use! View reviews, compare customer reviews, see screenshots and learn more about iTaxi Center. but I know you know better which one to use.


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iTaxi Center in the App Store

The iTaxi is a cab app that lets you quickly and simply make a cab reservation directly from your cell from your cell phones. iTaxi is a very simple iTaxi software to use! What makes iTaxi more comfortable than conventional ways of ordering a cab? Thanks to iTaxi's immediate localisation, you can order a taxis even if you don't know the precise adress.

iTaxi is currently available in the largest towns in Moldova and Odessa (Ukraine). A few bugfixes, new taxisearch feature. But the only issue is the delay - 90 seconds is not enough for many parts of Chisinau, and the order is usually cancelled if there are 20 seconds remaining if no drivers accept the order - check this against the call to the cab company, where the delay is about 10-15 mins.

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Taxis in Chisinau (Moldova), Odessa (Ukraine). - Confirmations about your order progress are included in the automatic order tracking screen. - Search automaticly. Now, your order is immediately delivered by standard to all taxis and cabists. - Contractor and ticketing assistance has been added. Warning - the automatic searching does not work if the agent or tick is specified, as each taxis has different agents and different tick.

  • # Most popular cab servicing options... # Now if you want to find a cab only for a specific cab company, you can specify this.

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