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Leasing a private jet could be an attractive offer for customers who do not wish to incur any additional obligations from long-term ownership. Leasing TAG: Jet for Lease charter | Our charter solution

TAG lease offers a number of benefits if you need long lasting aircraft charter. Customers who do not wish to incur additional obligations from long-term property could find the lease of a private jet an advantage. It is possible to rent a private jet for a certain amount of money, varying from one year to one year.

Keeping a complimentary jet available at all times does not necessarily mean the purchase is complex. There are a number of planes in our portfolio available under wet lease agreements. Thus you are guaranteed a state-of-the-art commercial jet whenever you need it for a certain amount of the year.

Private-sector jet Charter Company Signed Leasing Contract for New Hangar at Naples Airports

With more airplanes and more pilot, Private Jet is expanding its wing in Naples. On Monday, the Oklahoma-based airline reported that it had entered into a five-year contract for a new terminal at Naples Municipal Airport. It has added three additional aircrafts to its existing regional base and is planning to recruit up to five additional personnel, among them pilot and auxiliary personnel.

When asked what triggered the enlargement, Eric Wells, chairman of Private Jet, said: In Naples, the area of the hangar is very limited. "The extension will enable the business to provide "new and more diverse options" to its Florida clients. Wells said the feedback on the Naples ministry was great.

As a result of the extension, Private Jet now has four aircraft headquartered in Naples. Employing five full-time staff at the Naples site, the firm is planning to recruit more. Since 2000 Private Jet has been operating in Naples. At the end of the 90s, the firm began to manage an aircraft for a client in Naples, then offered it for rent when the owners did not use it - and the services "grew from there," Wells said.

An increase in the number of aircrafts in Naples could lead to cost reductions for consumers as they have a greater opportunity to avoid the switching costs associated with moving aircrafts from one town to another before passenger transport can take place. Privately owned private jet aircrafts have a large number of aircrafts. "We' ve got 22 airplanes in our fleet," Wells said.

"to Naples if necessary. "Besides Naples, the firm provides service from its headquarters near Oklahoma City and from its other sites in St. Augustine and the Texas towns of San Antonio, Austin and Sugar Land. Established in 1987, the initial Oklahoma Executive Jet Company has become one of the biggest Oklahoma based aviation charters.

In 2003, the company was rebranded to take account of the opening of sites outside Oklahoma. The private jet fleet mainly operates to the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and South America. Charters are possible 24 h a day, seven nights a week, all year round, provided the conditions and security permit. The trio high-rise condominium planed for East Naples triangle put on ice" Diane Jackson, communication and operations manager for the triangle, said that private jet has a sublet with Hartford Realty, which own the terminal.

" There are a few airlines operating flights to the terminal, among them ExecAir, Naples Air, Salt Island Seaplanes, Gulfcoast Airways and, which introduced their new on-demand flight facility about a year ago. Collier County Tourist Manager Jack Wert appreciates the extended private jet charters, but does not anticipate that they will stimulate tourist activity in the Naples region, as it is usually corporate travellers who use private jet aircraft to participate in conference or other gatherings, not tourist.

"He said, "I think it is heartening that there is this need for private jet services. While I don't think it will have a big influence, it's certainly good to know that we have more opportunities to bring them to Naples."

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