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Portable Jet Charter Company

However, most of them are owned by private individuals or companies who charter them through management companies operating the aircraft on behalf of their owners. homepage Unprecedented levels of client support. Perfectly luxurious. Security, comforts, conveniences, as well as quickness and dependability make our charter flights an unrivalled option to nonaviation. No matter whether you are looking for a fast plane in the state or a journey to the other side of the globe, ExecuJet has the right airplane for your personal and professional needs.

Our company manages a large pool of aircrafts that are serviced in close accordance with the highest FAA service and maintenance requirements. We have a large range of aircrafts including turboprops, lightweight, medium, supermide and heavier jetliners. Every airplane consists of professionals, skilled pilot, who are very proud to make every single trip as smoothly and safely as possible.

When we don't have the right airplane for your needs, we will find it quickly and effectively for you. ExecuJet's full airplane service allows you, as a private jet operator, to take advantage of all the advantages of a fully occupied air traffic division at a fraction ofthe costs.

If you are looking to buy or resell an airplane, ExecuJet can help you with every stage of a potentially complex operation. Many years of professional expertise give us the expertise and connectivity to ensure we find the right plane for you...or the right purchaser for your plane.

For the highest standards of private or commercial aviation, call us at 888.635.9538. For over 20 years I have been working for private aircrafts and charter companies. On the basis of this I can say that ExecuJet has provided me with an outstanding level of services and aircrafts. You have always been able to satisfy my needs and exceed my expectation.

Because of its employees a business is prosperous and certainly the employees of ExecuJet are great to work together. I' m gonna be part of the ExecuJet lineage for many years to come.

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