Bbj3 for Sale

Mbj3 for sale

BBJ3 Boeing private jets for sale on the global marketplace. BBJ3 Boeing for sale by Jetnar. On-Market and Off-Market aircraft offers. The IGR has the 2016 2015 new BBJ MAX for sale IGR.

CEO.LUIS.RIVERA@USA.COM. The Boeing BBJ3 offers travellers the space they need to lean back, relax and travel in comfort and convenience.

BBJ3 Boeing private aircraft for sale

The BBJ3 is powered by Boeing's 737-900ER, the 737's biggest civil aircraft, and delivers the best of the best in the field of civil aircraft. Travellers have privileged airside and floor level comfort, which includes an offi ce, bedrooms, showers, diners, entertainments and luxury seats.

The BBJ3 can travel long non-stop routes and is driven by two CFM56-7B27 CFM power plants, each generating 27,300 pounds of thrusts, while blend wedges improve 3-5 per cent throughput.

Boeing Business Aircraft Financing

Boeing has been a leading innovator in space and air transport since the early 1900s, with a commitment to offering its clients the best of space technologies. See for yourself how Boeing is revolutionising the airline business by renting your own Boeing Business Jet today. Available in a variety of different shapes and colors, the Boeing Business Jet fleet is designed to meet even the most demanding travelling needs and give you more flying space.

The Boeing Business Jet is available in a variety of different shapes and models and is designed to meet the most demanding travelling needs, giving you more flying room. With 25% more cabin and twice as much luggage room as its smaller equivalent, the Boeing BBJ2 is a working horse able to move large feet and at the same time provide the roomy interiors that compete with a mid-size home.

The Boeing BBJ3 offers travellers the necessary place to lean back, unwind and enjoy a comfortable journey. The BBJ Max family comprises the BBJ Max 7, BBJ Max 8 and the BBJ Max 9. These are as roomy as the BBJ, with an expanded reach and 737 engine efficiencies.

A leader in aviation and space technology innovations and designs, Boeing offers a broad array of functions that help offer corporate travelers a broad array of convenience and convenience for outstanding travelling skills. Every Boeing Commercial Airliner offers travellers the same freedom in the skies they have on the floor, encompassing entry to an executive suite, a master suite, dinning rooms, entertaining areas and more, to offer world class travelling choices for greater enjoyment.

Benefit from the advantages of Boeing Business Jets and find out how you can continue your journey with complete peace of mind.

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