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Tucson green cab

View reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best taxis in Tucson, AZ. What does a taxi cost in Tucson, AZ? See what works well at Discount Cab from the people who know best. The Union Cab Company of Arizona is an independent and operated company, we are a driver friendly transportation service. We have your one-way ride through town, Tucson.

Sunshuttle Dial-a-Ride

The Sun Shuttle neighbourhood transits Marana, Oro Valley/Catalina, Green Valley/Sahuarita, Tucson Estates, San Xavier District and Rita Ranch. Take the Sun Shuttle to your local schools, doctor's appointments, food stores or other locations. The Sun Shuttle also links with Sun Tran, the region's public transport system. Click here for more information on Sun Shuttle regional transportation available.

Sun Shuttle Dial-a-Ride was founded in 1980 with Pima County and was incorporated into the RTA in 2011. Sun Shuttle's Paris transit services provide people with special needs who live outside the Tucson or Tucson borders who need to travel to places outside the town. The Sun Shuttle Dial-a-Ride is provided by Total Transit, a privately held operator that has held a RTA agreement since May 2014.

Total Transit runs a Discount Cab operating a full range of cabins and van modifications, fully fitted to carry and discharge wheelchairs of all age groups and ability. During the 2014-15 business year, Sun Shuttle Dial-a-Ride offered more than 164,000 seat rides throughout the Tucson area. Click here for more information about the Sun Shuttle Service.

Reduced Taxi Careers and Employment

How does it feel to work at Discount Cab? The work at Discount did not offer the kind of stable or career development I was looking for, but it did offer the opportunity to help those who need it and who are supporting the communities. Some of the best guys I've ever seen I was able to carry and that made it worthwhile for me.


Ask, drive, then just buy the apartment. This limousine belongs to you whether you drive alone or explore the city with your mates. You and the entire team can always count on a dependable journey just a few moments away. When your advance payment for a trip looks high, it could be more busy than before.

You may be asked to do this if there are more travel enquiries than available people.

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