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Please send your feedback to You can take a few steps to retrieve your articles. The first self-propelled Uber car now rolls along the streets of Pittsburgh.

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If you pay $10 or more in advance, give taxi riders a strong incentive of picking you up under 10 minutes. Pre-paid tariffs help saving your mind... and your precious valuable time. Don't you just dislike it when people don't show up? Riders who are afraid of scaly clients will often place an order at the first chance. Fearing a scaly taxi rider, travellers get into the first taxi that passes instead of having to wait for the taxi they call.

If you pay $10 for a trip in advance, tell it basically to the taxi drivers: It makes your order much more appealing to the driver and gives you a better level of customer care.

Amber cabs have a new gun in their fight against Uber: a gadget.

Driving a taxi in yellows used to be a bad thing, which explains why Uber and Lyft were able to invade and so thoroughly disturb the business. Full of untrusted and filthy taxi journeys, masses of travellers wandered to ride-hail applications that offered clean journeys, friendly chauffeurs and smooth-payment.

Taxis tried to avert the haemorrhage by issuing their own appe - but most were just faded replicas of Uber. A new counteroffensive is now being launched by the taxi tradition against the threat of driving bans: the gadget. Verifone Systems - one of the biggest payments processors in the globe - will equip ten thousand cabins across Germany with new technologies from this year until 2017 to enhance the driving experiences not only for the driver but also for the driver.

With taximeters, vending terminals and amusement equipment in tens of U.S. stores, Verifone operates New York and New York cities, where it manages about half of the city's taxi fleets of yellows and greens. Driving in a yellowned taxi is becoming a high-tech business. The New York regulatory authorities last year heralded their plans to let the tiresome taxi televisions expire.

This means that drivers will soon have the opportunity to stream Spotify or book a seat at Open Table during their taxi commute. The Dash is currently being piloted in the taxis of Verifone in Chicago, Boston and New Orleans, while Ryde is currently only being introduced in New York City. The Verifone will introduce these new devices at the same moment as the increasing rivalry for the place in most amber cabins continues.

Flywheel, a San Francisco-based e-hail application, recently introduced its smartphone-based metering and dispatching solutions in New York City. For the first year in 12 years, Flywheel welcomed this performance by allowing a new vendor to deploy its technologies in a New York taxi, while he was discussing the resolution of the "duopoly" between Verifone and its major rival Creative Mobile Technologies.

In addition, the yellows are still affected by the interruption of Uber and Lyft throughout the state. Medallion values in New York City have dropped dramatically as naval fleets submit coastal to coastal chapters 11. The wait for the regulatory authorities to take action against Uber is not a genuine policy to rescue the sector.

Over and Lyft have increased drivers' aspirations, and the yellowness of the taxi business will have to face the challenges if it is to live.

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