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Jets AG de Jet Aviation Business recherche d'entreprise et d'investissement d'informations. commercial jets and Although a business aircraft is a significant capital expenditure, it significantly enhances business efficiencies by decreasing the number of travelling times managers spend awaiting frequent departures, while at the same enhancing their ability to work efficiently inbound. The most important consideration in managing a privately owned jet is to ensure that it is mechanical and ready for use at all times.

That' s important because important business can be done anywhere, anytime, and the floor space required for a personal jet is costly in hanger and service costs as well as downtime in general. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions about why renting a personal jet is a secure and dependable way to travel.

What is Business Jet Management? Just like purchasing a motor vehicle, owning a business aircraft necessitates periodic servicing, which should only be performed by professionals.


The Pilatus service and dispatch facilities in Zurich and Geneva, Switzerland, were taken over two years later. During the 1970' s, the business extended its service to include airplane stewardship and charters for clients in Europe and the Mideast. In 1975 the first non-Swiss service centre was founded in Düsseldorf, Germany, and in 1979 a joint venture was set up with a group of business people in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to run an FBO plant in Jeddah.

An important step on the Asiatic was the opening of a service and FBO plant in Singapore in 1995. In the same year, an airplane managment and charters company was founded in Hong Kong, China. -General Dynamics is a leading supplier of business aviation, ground and expeditionary battle equipment, weapons and ammunition, naval equipment and information technology.

Among his management board and face-to-face reporting are Robert Smith, Group CFO, Stephan Bruhin, Human Resources VP Group Sr., Laurie Phelan, VP and General Counsel, Dave Paddock, Business Development & Strategic Planning VP Group Sr. and Heinz R. Aebi, Marketing & Communications VP Group Sr. Furthermore, all operative executives are from EMEA & Asia, among them Jürg Reuthinger, Sen. VP Aircraft Management; Neil Boyle, Vice President Completions Center Basel and Johannes Turzer, Vice President Maintenance Basel.

Boeing's portfolio of Boeing and Airbus commercial jet engines (31,808 sqm) and its service portfolio includes servicing, completion and reconditioning of planes as large as Boeing and Airbus planes. Employing over 1,300 people, the firm provides service in the areas of aviation electronics, reconditioning and repairs of components/accessories, comprehensive structure repairs, completion and interiors, painting and FBO. Aeroplanes under management vary from Sikorsky S76 to Beechjet 400As, Hawker, Learjets, Cessna Citation, Dassault Falcon Jets, Gulfstreams, Challengers, Global Expresses, Boeing 707s, 727s, 737s, Boeing 727s, 737s, BBJs and Airbus 319CJs.

Our airplane fleet managers provide owner -occupiers and carriers with tailor-made systems tailored to their needs. A number of aviation assistance products have been engineered by the airline, from which it is easy for airlines' owner or operator to choose the one best adapted to their particular needs. In addition to the existing Minneapolis, MN; Teterboro, NJ; Raleigh-Durham, NC; St. Louis, MO; Redding, CA; and Zurich, Switzerland, the new entity will open prospective office locations in Singapore, Hong Kong, Sao Paulo, Moscow, Beijing, and on the west coast of the United States.

Jetcraft will be able to provide a truly comprehensive end-to-end capability for consolidating buyer and seller accounts for business / VoIP jets around the globe in the near-term. The Jetcraft Corporation was formed in 1962 and is an incumbent company in the acquisition, sale, brokering and trade of medium and large business jets around the globe.

The Jetcraft Group purchases and resells airplanes on its own behalf and offers its customers commercial and transaction-related consultancy service. MRO capabilities range from choppers, turbo-props and business jets all the way to transportation planes such as the Airbus A319 Corporate Jetliner, Boeing Business Jet, Boeing 707 and 727 and McDonnell Douglas DC-8 and DC-9.

Servicing and supporting aero engines includes the most widely used engines for business jets, as well as reciprocating engines, turboprops and fan jets. ZDT also provides non-destructive tests (NDT) and can conduct cyclo dyestuff indenters, fluid flow, ultrasound, X-ray radiography and com-scan tests. MRO is the company's biggest business area and contributes about half of overall sales.

Specifically designed to meet the different needs of business aviation, these establishments provide outstanding support for air travellers, crew and aircrafts. Our well-qualified, expert workmen are able to completely finish and equip "green" planes or overhaul already finished planes, which require everything from a small "touch-up" to a large refinish.

The capabilities and experiences range from small to large business jetliners, such as Learjets, Falcons, Challengers, Gulfstreams, BBJs, Airbus 319CJs up to the Boeing 747 and 767s. Bombardier supplies complete turn-key solutions for Bombardier Challenger and Global families of airplanes. In addition, the plant in St. Louis offers finishing work for Falken, Gulfstreams and Hawker.

We offer structure planning as well as analyses and tests, as well as architectural loading analyses, airplane system designs and analyses, airplane configurations and FAA-certifications. For nearly three decades, Jet Professional has earned a strong international recognition by providing excellent full-time and part-time staff in the aviation world. In addition, the firm also provides wage accounting, human resources risks and administrative supportervices.

It offers a comprehensive array of personalised and trusted job creation solutions for middle and senior managers, cabin crews, airline crews, aircraft crews, aircraft crews, aircraft crews, aircraft operators, aircraft operators, aircraft operators, aircraft operators, aircraft operators, aircraft operators, aircraft operators, aircraft operators, aircraft operators, aircraft operators, maintenance service technicians, maintenance and avionics technicians, engineers, designers, dispatchers, flight planners and other business aviation personnel. The Jet Professionals Careers Center offers compelling aviation opportunities for business aviation professionals, crews and assistants.

The Jet Professionals' full range of aviation staffing activities includes full-time recruitment, assessment and recruitment, provision of temps, consultancy to ensure safe and efficient operation, relocation support, PRO/PI, background/drug screening, administration support and project control, and project control. Fostering collaboration is the cornerstone of impeccable client care in today's business world.

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