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However, when the company gets bigger and more efficient, drivers are worried. Taxi's in Israel are very common and popular means of transportation. You can also take a taxi to and from Ben Gurion Airport. For the first time the app was developed and popularized by the Israeli company GetTaxi.

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a professional trucker in Haifa. Using Gett-App, the rider showed up when he dumped us, asking to be hired. and he said he didn't know how it worked and that I had to give him 59 nickels.

All I had was 100 schekels and he only had 20 bucks. Not wanting to let me go, he made me give him 80 Schekels, and after he had gone, he also burdened me with the apartment. Writing to Complain on the Gett-App and receiving no reply for over two week s-and eventually when I filed a second appeal, they e-mailed me a copy of the prosecution and said the case was over. It's just another fraud the taxi driver known to rip off tourist can use on Stahl.

I lodge a grievance with AMEX and propose a reimbursement.

Get Taxi App - Israel Forum

Wanted to just announce here in case anyone comes looking for Gett's review. My friend is satisfied with the services, but I got into the Gett Taxi today and am already upset. One breakdown made it look like someone else was using my plastic for one trip at a time, the apartment wouldn't let me order a taxi until I payed.

But I didn't, I took the coach while I was trying hard to get Gett and my bank account to stop this growing debt on my map by a theft. Getting the response took himself the hassle and then said oh sorry, computer errors, you were not really burdened. However, then they declined to in any way indemnify me for wasting at least 30 minutes of my precious free travel and felt uncomfortable and afraid.

There'?s a badge for you, Gett!

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Will be in Tel Aviv for a whole months, starting next weekend, and we have agreed not to hire a vehicle. However, on some Friday evenings and Saturdays we have to go to Ramat HaKovesh Kibbuz (where our daughters and families live). While our daugther will be working in Tel Aviv so she can drive us to the Kibbuz on Friday evening, we will have to return to Tel Aviv alone (probably leave the Kibbuz at 21:30 - 22 o'clock).

We also have to drive to Kibbuz on Saturday mornings ( maybe 10 am) and back to Tel Aviv in the afternoons or evenings. Even though I have used a personal taxi in earlier travels, he will require you to pay in US Dollar and he will bill 50 US Dollar per trip between Tel Aviv and Kibbuz.

Going to/from 6-8 places on the Tibetan zebra means we have to take with us in Israel 100's of US dollar (in excess of the amount of sheep shells we carry). Please send me some information about Gett Taxi Services: On Shabbat are there other taxi rides (except Gett)?

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