Boeing 737 Executive Jet

737 Boeing Executive Jet

I've noticed a big jet plane parked at Rogue Valley International Airport for some time now. It' all white and looks like a Boeing 717. The Boeing 737 is another aircraft that has been converted for private use. Explore price information, features, specifications and more for the Boeing 737-800 and easily compare it with other private jets.

The Boeing 737 is a commercial jet at the airfield.

I' ve been noticing a big jet plane parking at Rogue Valley International for a while now. It' all whitewashed and looks like a Boeing 717. chuck, unfortunately "white" and "looks like a Boeing 717" doesn't ring any chimes at the airports. A spokesperson for the aerodrome, Kim Stearns, said she could only imagine two planes in the area similar in scale to a Boeing 717 - a KC 97 stationed near Medford Air Service on a permanent basis, and a Boeing 737, often stationed behind a million airs, handling retail and charter business.

Since the KC 97 is silvery and does not look like a Boeing 717, we think that you have to refer to the Boeing 737. "This is the only plane of this magnitude that we have halfway regularly at the airfields," said Stearns. What a surprise! Aeroplane looks pretty grey, she said.

Million Air Chairman Joe Keith said the airplane was a Boeing commercial jet, not a commercial airliner. "Some of this magnitude must be in some kind of shield for commercial reasons." Except for the Boeing 737, no other Boeing comes through Medford International Airports except those belonging to Allegiant Air, he said.

The Boeing 737 Business Jet - what's so special about it?

The Boeing 737 is another airplane that has been converted for personal use. Capable of carrying up to 19 people, the airplane travels 5,600 sea mile at Mach 0.80 or approximately 12 hour non-stop service before requiring fuel. It has a large meeting room with smartphone and computer connections, a double room, a TV set, a personal bath room and even a fully fitted galley.

When you want to become an owners of this high-tech jet, be prepared to pay a small $80 million charge.

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