How much does it Cost to Rent a Cessna

What does it cost to rent a Cessna?

So, without further ado, here are the actual costs of owning an aircraft. Renting hangar area vs. laying down: The rental costs vary from flight school to flight school, with most offering a la carte prices. Prices are for wet hire (fuel included) and there is no daily minimum.

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Appropriateness and cost of self-flying instead of air travelling

So if you are living near a large international hub and your customers are in subway centres serviced by non-stop services, airline companies will be quicker and less expensive. But the big issue is how adaptable you are during your visit and your own time. An airplane is great, but you have to be agile.

I' ve found that by looking at the wheather and some nose and tail, I can often turn things that fit. Best GA aircraft cruising distance is 200-500 mph. Two hundred mile or less and you're at 3-4 hour drive. Since the combination of scheduling the flights, getting to the destination (30 minutes) and getting off the aircraft will take 1.5 hrs, you will be 90 mile in the air at take-off.

I can cover this distance by air on an simple journey. Another journey is NJ to Birmingham AL, 720 nm. It was a two days excursion with the airline companies, but with my airplane it is always a three days excursion. Better travel, more enjoyment, but always longer and more costly.

Fast talk round etc. The only choice was a 0650 from Newark. Had I been flying myself, the airplane would have been in the workshop, I would have gone on Monday, would have gone to Roanoke, would have come to Mobile for the Tuesday get-together. It would have been nice, but since I really can't claim the full cost of the aircraft from my customer, it would have cost me.

Maintaining yourself and an airplane up to date is a great deal of work. You' re just a broadget in a hood full of broadgets with the carriers that own them. Feeling already sick when I left my customer at 4 pm to get the fucking airplane, the only choice until 6 am the next up.

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