How much to Rent a Cessna

What does it cost to rent a Cessna?

An overview of our rental prices. Rent prices are subject to change. Simply fill in the individual "Aircraft Checkout Written" (see list in the right column of this page) for each aircraft you wish to fly. Airplanes (solo rates per hour - wet). The displayed prices are updated as much as possible, but can be changed at any time.

Heavy>Aircraft insurance

$2.50 per flying lesson is added to all rents and offers students or tenants $1 million ($100,000 per seat) liability and zero deductible comprehensive insureds. In order to be insured under the above policy, all FAA and VIES regulations and policy must be complied with. We would like to warn every pilots flying the R-model (and SP) Skyhawks, especially those who learnt in an older 172 that with more than two persons on the plane you might have a problem with weights and balances.

Be sure to inspect your balance thoroughly and inform shipping at the point of disposition if you believe your vehicle's gross vehicle fuel weighs a significant number. Airplanes are toped as a matter of routine at nights. A few working day in advance we need to know if we need to keep the propellant for a particular airplane low for your flights - all airplanes don't go every single Tuesday, so if you tell us on Tuesday that you need half tankers for a Wednesday trip, the airplane may have been toped on Sunday and not since then.

For your comfort and security we have uploaded a weights and balances programme on our website for most of our planes. This is for your information only - a full load and equilibrium should be performed before each mission where the load can become a precaution. A fee is charged to the lessor when an airplane has to be refuelled.

No refunds will be given for fuels bought outside the Aircraft Bases if the airplane is surrendered at a higher rate than it was at the time of delivery.

Many new and old models are available for rent at the Flugzentrum.

Many new and old models are available for rent at the Flugzentrum. Aircraft are serviced by FAA-certified technicians in accordance with Federal Aviation Administration and Department of Transportation service levels. 1 hr per flights has to be the minimal time. 3 hrs per night up to 24 hrs away from the centre.

In the case of travel in excess of 24hrs, a down payment for the entire period is due at the booking prompt. Qualified physician from the Federal Aviation Administration, pilot's license and knowledge necessary for single fly. Non-property insurances are necessary for single flyers.

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