Boeing 737 Business Jet

737 Boeing Business Jet

The Boeing Business Jet 737 MAX was developed to take you to the vastness of the world. Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) is a 19-seater variant of the narrow-walled commercial aircraft 737-700. Business Jet Boeing 737 MAX Wherever you are travelling, your Boeing Business Jet will be your personal home. Our booth signage system Venue - along with your cabin's option for connection and contents solution - will make your booth an even more welcoming place to work and work. Much of the information is updated each month via a web-based menus interface developed for easy administration by the air traffic controller.

It is a comfortable, subscription-based tool that provides added features such as Newsfeeds, Share Update, Sport and Forecast. A thorough knowledge of aircraft performance, geographical position and planned arrivals times is crucial and highly satisfactory for travellers of all age groups. The Tailwind® range of aerial spacecraft TV sets enables you to enjoy the most complete and convincing aerial viewing experience available, whether you're travelling in the neighboring United States or between different parts of the world, such as Europe and the Middle East.

ARINCDirect is an Inmarsat reseller offering a wide range of interconnectivity solutions for your information, e-mail, SMS, speech and VPN - at some of the best tariffs in the world. JX provides you with the unprecedented opportunity to take advantage of higher speed, higher bandwith and greater worldwide reach.

At Inmarsat SBB, we offer you a very solid and solid car connection around the world. To provide this level of support, you need light weight gear that provides access to your information and speech resources at an accessible cost. Inmarsat' initial satellites offering high-speed communications and speech, this unique combination provides proven dependability for the mission of your flying team.

ViaSat's Mobile Broadband Services offer high-speed business air travel connections from taxis to touch-down. When your travelers want a smooth connection to keep them working, as well as the possibility to streaming films and conference calls, this is a good choice for you. ViaSat's large file sizes and low pricing make it easier for you to better control your budgets.

The Iridium is an ideal option for telephone and facsimile connections, but also rugged enough to deliver restricted bandwidth over the Short Burst Date (SBD) protocols. Information can includes send/receive e-mail and text message messaging and support for connectionectivity. At ARINCDirect we can offer a global support for all Iridium devices that support our mobile phones.

Iridium' speech and communication solutions are cost-effective, dependable and ideally suited for business jet carriers who want to offer their travelers low-speed, smartphone-enabled air-to-ground speech, text messaging, e-mail, facsimile and information communication and ensure worldwide reach, encompassing the Arctic area. ARINCDirect's new line of smartcabin routing products offers an end-to-end interconnectivity solutions for ARINCDirect clients.

Specifically developed to comply with aerospace norms and regulations, these new routes connect cockpit and cabins for IP equipment and fly bag electronics, thus enabling business jet owners to save valuable resources and save valuable resources while enhancing the overall user experiences. An open, intelligent cab routing system offers you the option of a dedicated operator. Sleek, flange-mount construction provides either cable or wireline network connection onboard the airplane.

This allows several LAN and WAN client connections to several communication nets such as GSM, Inmarsat SBB, Ka/Ku VSAT, Iridium or othernets. A 3G/4G GSM mobile phone is available on the wireless network, which can be used for accessing the network and transferring files when the airplane is on the floor.

Routers also support non flight-critical demands on the communications of aircraft personnel, decks and systems. Konnektivit├Ąt is only the beginning. In order to maximise the flying enjoyment, we provide a range of value-added solutions, from Voice over IP (VoIP) to Web Filters. It uses your Inmarsat Breitbandverbindung (i.e. SBB and JX) and ViaSat mobil Breitbandverbindung from your airplane.

ARINC's unique ARINC Connect allows airlines to monitor SATCOM's operational expenses through the use of our unique payment method. For ARINCDirect SwiftBroadband clients it is available for every ARINCDirect SwiftBroadband customer. Our accelerated and compressed cab networks allow you to increase your cab networks by 100 to 400 per cent bandwith and send and receive more information in less minutes.

It guarantees continuous operation in the case of a modification or failure. Contents filtration gives the user complete command over what kind of information is used in the game. Filter and limit website contents, as well as automatic updating and clutchware. The ARINCDirect Dial is a ground-to-air telephone system that provides your airplane or your vehicle with a single telephone number that directs your call to every mobile device on the airplane depending on the choice of the calling party.

Your BBJ's built-in cockpit features Future Air Navigation (FANS), which reduces your effort when you fly on the mandatory North Atlantic Track preferences or other eligible areas. As well as the privileged routes, however, flagship services also allow crew members to use accelerated sailings when using the U.S. Departure Clearance (DCL) services.

WXR-2100 MultiScan ThreatTrack recognizes and analyses severe meteorological conditions and intelligently shows the type of meteorology that poses a threat to your airplane. State-of-the-art technologies optimally adapt to maximise the "probability of detection" of meteorological threats in all stages of flying, reduce long departures and lags to the gates and ensure a more safe, smooth and effective ride.

Enhanced Vision System (EVS) with our Head-up Control System (HGS?) enhances situation consciousness, especially in poorly visible flying situations. Provides unparalleled precision in capturing the expected evolution in mission phase. Approach and land your planes with real-time pictures of the surrounding areas and obstructions, as well as vehicle, animal, airplane and illumination LEDs.

This extension to the Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) allows your airplanes to fulfill the demands to fly more safely in the ever denser air space of the globe. Keeping an eye on every target for your Boeing Business Jet. Deliver safe, wire-free communications and connectivity to your crew and reduce your operational expenses.

SSR-7000 Secure Server Router is an Electronic Flag Bag (EFB) Interface and Communication Unit (EICU) that adds value to your carrier by enhancing your crew's information integrity and connectivity while reducing your cost of transmitting, operating and maintaining your flights. Iridium' solutions provide real worldwide cover for dependable, long-range speech communication for your pilot as well as wireless communication capabilities for cabins and surveillance applications.

Timetable management makes it simpler than ever to manage your journey detail effectively. Tailor-made airplane service ensures that your airplane is always available when you need it. which ensures the operating reliability of the aeroplanes while avoiding pecuniary risks. The need to go to unknown lands and destinations in today's world' s economic environment means additional pressure on the whole airline team.

Our nearly 40 years of expertise in delivering exceptional services around the world means our reliable global customer care staff can help you surpass your passengers' expectation. Our ITS application (Mobile Interna-tional Trip Assistance ) makes managing your travels even simpler. The ARINCDirect FOS system rationalizes your air traffic, no matters how challenging or complicated.

Collects all the information you need in one place, with a variety of functions, and without the need for duplicate input. By integrating our air travel scheduling, connectivity and travel assistance management software, FOS becomes the turntable of your business. ARINCDirect desktops and portable air assistance solutions provide you with a full range of utilities and assistance to help you run your air traffic division and your airplane in an efficient and effective manner.

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