Boeing 737 Private Jet Cost

737 Boeing private jet costs

What does it cost to buy a standard passenger aircraft (e.g. Boeing 737)? A Boeing 787 jet is not a pathetic aircraft. Boeing Business Jet, or Boeing BBJ, is a modified combination of 737-700 and 737-800 with a luxurious corporate interior.

Model 737-800 cost an average of 102.2 million US dollars. The Air Force One costs "only" 660 million dollars.

What does a Boeing 737 MAX cost?

Recent stops in Boeing Co.'s (NYSE: BA) 737 MAX 8 (737-8) test flights have once again drawn renewed interest to the company's jetliner. The Boeing introduces seven of its 737 families to its latest pricelist, and adds an eightth that has no prize yet.

Today's 737s are known as Next Generation (NG) and are being superseded by five MAX families. Indonesia's Lion Air operator Malindo Air is to receive the 737-8 this coming Monday, the first aircraft to be shipped.

737-8 has a listed value of 112.4 million dollars. 737 MAX comprises the 737-8, a smaller 737 MAX 7 (737-7, $92.2 million listing price), the 737 MAX 200 ($115.4 million listing price), the 737 MAX 9 (737-9, $119.2 million listing price), and the 737 MAX 10 (737-10), which has not yet been officially released.

Boeing has been selling 9,486 of these since its introduction in 1968. On Wednesday, a Aviation Week article reported that Boeing had suspended test flight of the 737-8 due to a low head power plant part trouble. As Boeing said, the concern is a production grade inspection bottleneck limited to a certain lot of parts for the low-pressure section of the power plant, not a basic engineering fault.

The Boeing and CFM say that the problem is confined to less than 50 power plants and tests are likely to be resumed soon. On Wednesday Boeing also placed an order with Primera Air of Latvia, a low-cost airline that already owns and flies a nine plane 737-700 and 737-800 NG family. This year Primera ordered eight 737-9s for a contract value of more than 950 million dollars at listed price.

Boeing's announcements noted that the airline has accepted orders for more than 3,700 737 MAX planes, making it the best-selling commercial airliner in the company's corporate history. 737 MAX planes have been ordered by Boeing since the beginning of the year. The Boeing Group anticipates that around 75 of the new 737 MAX will be delivered this year when it starts producing. Boeing passed the first test on April 13 of its 737-9, which offers 220 passengers, 16 more than the 737-8.

Deliveries of the 737-9 to customers are planned for this year.

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