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The Red Label continues to offer Flexjet owners an incomparable cabin experience. Have a look at what it feels like to work at Flexjet. Compare Flexjet to net jets Both Flexjet and NetJets, two major players in the commercial aerospace industry, are supported by companies led by some of the smartest investment companies in the wordl. They' ve created similar luxurious personal jets owner and map programmes that can be hard to differentiate. Initially started in 1995 as a partnership between Bombardier and AMR Combs (a subsidiary of AMR Corp, the mother of American Airlines ), Flexjet was taken over by Kenn Ricci in 2013.

Today, the Group is the world's second biggest supplier of fractal aircraft owner management solutions. Although others have claimed to have created the chip cartridge approach, NetJets is the uncontested inventor of the fractal owner mode. NetJets owns and operates all NetJets. The Flexjet fleet includes all sizes of privatertjets. Phenom 300 up to 6 passenger; 74 ft luggage compartment; 3,196 km outreach.

75LXI Learjet up to 6 passenger; 50 ft per car; 3,299 km outreach. Ambraer Legacy 450 up to 8 passenger; 150 ft per car; 5,370 km outreach. The Legacy, a roomy mid-size aircraft, has a standing stateroom and a shallow bottom as well as a larger cargo area. Challenger 300 up to 9 passenger Bombardier; 106 cu. ft. boot; 5,552 km outreach.

Challenger 350 up to 9 passenger Bombardier; 106 ft luggage compartment; 6,047 km outreach. The Gulfstream G450 seats up to 13 people; 169 ft luggage compartment; 7,242 km outreach. The Gulfstream G500 seats up to 16 people; 175 square foot luggage compartment; 9,630 km outreach. The Gulfstream G650 seats up to 16 people; 195 ft luggage compartment; 12,964 km outreach.

NetJets comprises the fleet: The Cessna Citation Encore can carry up to 7 people; 69 ft luggage space; 3,122 km reach. Phenom 300 up to 6 passenger; 74 ft luggage compartment; 3,196 km outreach. This is one of the most popular NetJets planes, thanks to its luxurious cabin. The Cessna Citation Excel/XLS can carry up to 7 people; 79 ft luggage space; 3,441 km outreach.

900XP Hawker up to 8 passenger; 40 ft luggage compartment; 5,153 km outreach. The Cessna Citation Latitude can carry up to 7 people; 100 ft luggage space; 4,937 km outreach. The mid-size aircraft is 6 ft in cab and has the widest cross-section in the mid-size NetJets family. The Cessna Citation sovereignty - up to 8 passenger; 100 sq ft luggage compartment; 5,219 km outreach.

The Cessna Citation up to 8 passenger; 72 sq ft luggage compartment; 5,476 km outreach. Challenger 350 up to 9 passenger Bombardier; 106 ft luggage compartment; 6,047 km outreach. The Dassault Falcon 2000/2000EX up to 10 passenger; 134 sq ft luggage compartment; 5,429 km outreach. Challenger 650 up to 11 passenger Bombardier; 115 m3 luggage compartment; 6,833 km outreach.

Up to 13 Gulfstream IV-SP/G450 passenger seats; 169 ft luggage compartment; 7,242 km outreach. Global 5000- Bombardier up to 13 passenger; 195 cc luggage compartment; 10,452 km outreach. The Gulfstream G550 seats up to 14 people; 226 ft luggage compartment; 11,975 km outreach. Global 6000 Bombardier up to 13 passenger; 195 cc luggage compartment; 11,632 km outreach.

Flexjet needs 10 hrs call-off to own the fraction. The Jet Card programme takes a full 24 hrs and 48 hrs for peaks. The NetJets Fractional Owners are obliged to book 4 to 6 lessons in advance. We have 15 busy holidays with peaks; 48-hour lead times are needed to make trips on these holidays.

You are planning a deadline of 10 hrs for your Marquis Jet Cards. Between 30 and 45 peaking day periods, 120 hour lead time is needed on peaking day periods. NETJET's Elite Jet Cards, which are restricted to their two Citation Jet aircraft, are available in 24-hour packages. A 24-hour cancellation period is necessary on most dates, and there are 45 peaks per year with a 120-hour bookings period.

The 25% bonus is calculated for maximum day off using the Marquis map, but the Marquis map does not include the FET anduel. All three NetJets programmes are downgraded warranted and upgrade is available within 24 Stunden of inquiry. Members of the map programme can also count on additional costs for overseas, land transport and other costs.

While Flexjet is scarce in terms of price, it, like most privately owned airlines, suggests a fraction of the property for those who travel 50 or more anually. The Flexjet also provides a fractions owner programme known as Versatility Plus, which allows you to make idle time available to other property holders or buy extra time from other property holders.

Flexjet 25, which begins at around US$160,000, is designed for those who spend less than 50 flyinghours a year, rather than making an upfront outlay. This website offers 365 day complimentary airlifts ( "Phenom 300" and "Challenger 300"), but points out that there may be extra charges during the main holiday time.

Flexjet cardholders and members receive a wide range of benefits, from personal club membership to package deals, spas and even top tier trading partnering. The NetJets ownerership allows you to acquire at least 1/16 share of a particular airplane, which corresponds to 50 hour flights per year (total cost will vary by airplane and frequency).

NetJets provides a guarantee buyback at the end of the trial period if you withdraw from the programme. NetJets Marquis Jet Cards are designed for travellers who travel less than 50 hrs per year and provide pre-paid air travel to the planes of your choosing. You will receive a guarantee of 25 hrs at a stretch for 18 month, with the flying period subtracted from your credit on your credit cards.

The NetJets range of services is continually expanding, from personal celebrations at sporting and culture venues to personal shows, free rental cars, discounted accommodation at luxurious resort hotels and even exclusive holiday deals. Flexjet 25 has a 24-month duration, while the co-ownership agreement lasts from 30 to 60 month.

The NetJets owner has a 36 month maturity; his Marquis Jet Card and Elite Card have an 18 month maturity. The choice between Flexjet and NetJets with their similar member structures, conditions and type of aircrafts is based on several elements, as well as cost, and in particular on the type of aircrafts to which you have direct contact.

Are you inclined towards the bigger NetJets or is the younger Flexjet range more attractive? Each offers fractal property and streamfare. The NetJets have a bigger navy, Flexjet is something newer.

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