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The Gulfstream GIV is a long-range Gulfstream GIV designed as a newly engineered (Tay 611-8) elongated hull GIII derivate with higher MTOW and lower consumption and lower engine noises. Fl├╝gelmodifikationen the travel resistance decreased and to help increase the maximal reach to 4,200 nm. Normal cruising speed KTAS: Load capacity - Full LBS fuel: Reach - Seats Full N.M.: Floating costs per hour $:

LBS Usable Fuel: What is the cost of a Gulfstream IV? Canada + North America, for purchase at Guardian Jet, LLC. ADS-B Out ( version 2 ) Engines on Roll Royce Corporation CareAPU on MSP GoldAvionics on HAPPAvtech LEDs on HAPPAvtech..... United States + Canada, for purchase by Freestream Aircraft USA Ltd.

Canada + North America, for resale by Florida Jet Sales Inc. 8916.9 Total Time APU & Engines on JSSI Platinum GoGo WiFi Text and Talk Swift Broadband Internet NZ2000 6.1/WAAS/LPV TCAS 7.1 13 Passport.....

The Gulfstream Aerospace - Aircraft - G500

The Gulfstream G500 is a brand new Gulfstream. Every detail of its styling and power is designed for the quickest possible ride, while every detail in the cab is designed to create a unique, personalised and totally convenient environment. The Gulfstream Group gained the best corporate aerospace credentials by rigorously manufacturing airplanes to match changing traveller expectations.

Gulfstream's groundbreaking combination of performance, manoeuvrability and convenience help Gulfstream customers maximise every moment of their journey with the help of the 500. Brand-new Gulfstream 500 pushes the boundaries of high-speed transport. Pratt & Whitney Canada's progressive cell concept and high-performance power plants give the airplane a cruising distance of 5,200 miles/9,630 kilometres at Mach 0.85.

Non-stop accessibility of the 500 links remote towns such as Istanbul to Cape Town, South Africa, Los Angeles to London and San Francisco to Tokyo. It surpasses all competitors above Mach 0.85 and is the only plane in its category that combines an unbelievable cruising range of 4,400 miles/8,149 kilometres when it flies at Mach 0.90 with an unbelievable cruising range of 4,400 nm.

Burning across the skies with a Mach of 0.925 is the best way to make the most of the time. Workload is not sacrificed in terms of velocity and outreach. At Mach 0, a fully refuelled tank of gas for the 500 travels 85 5,200 miles/9,630 kilometres with eight passenger and baggage. Twice the load capacity and the E500 still travels up to 4,950 miles/9,167 kilometres non-stop, enough to travel from Los Angeles to London.

Reach with 8 passangers, 3 crews, NBAA IFR reserved. Effective coverage is affected by ATC router, operational speeds, meteorology, equipment choices, and other variables. A plane designed for breathtaking speeds can accommodate superior levels of luxury, but this is the development of a truly optimised plane. At 7 ft 11 inches/2.41 metres wide and 6 ft 4 inches/1 high, the brand new Gulfstream G500 93 metre cab is the optimum fit and form to achieve first-class speeds, manoeuvrability and petrol economy, yet large enough for 19 people.

Designed to provide ample freedom of movement for sitting occupants, the aircraft's unique contoured section provides ample freedom of movement for elbows and shoulders as well as ample space for the head when moving around in the cab. Thanks to high-speed communication and entertaining devices, the booth can be used as an overhead bureau or multimedia room. The Gulfstream is the only airframe maker in the category of the 500 that offers the choice of a front or rear canteen.

A 41-foot 6-inch/12-cabin inboard. With a height of 65 metres, the 500 provides an extraordinary room for an occupant to create several areas for work, recreation or amusement according to his wishes. Booth surroundings influence the air and air journey experiences. Featuring 14 large Gulfstream panorama panoramas, the brand-new 500 provides a fascinating view and immerses the cab in life.

The cab is only filled with 100 per cent virgin compressed and refilled every two min. The Gulfstream acoustic specialists have designed the passenger compartment so quietly that even pilots can speak in regular pitch during the flights. Inside, the pressure is no greater than 1,478 metres, even at a height of 51,000 feet/15,545 metres.

Combining cleaner, refilled fresh breeze with a low internal height will help mitigate the impact of Jetlag so passenger arrival is fresher and more awake. Designed with an eye for detail and personalised style in mind, the model 500 will help your passenger experience a real pleasure in their cab. The Gulfstream team of designers will support the entire car redesign lifecycle.

Offering the best-in-class luggage capacity of the 500, the folding shelves and room can be customized to accommodate your club, skiing equipment or full suitcase. Every cab seating is also fitted with built-in stowage area. The Gulfstream cab management system further enhances the cab interior sensation by allowing occupants to operate lights, windows, temperature controls and entertain from their seating position using personal Touchscreens.

The Gulfstream is the first commercial aerospace provider to provide this third generator EVS and is part of the basic configuration of the A500. Even the design of the flying decks is revised in the A500. The Gulfstream also brings the interior of the gun to a new level of refinement and creates computer-controlled solutions that further increase efficiencies and security.

Also, the A500 is the first corporate jet to be produced with a data concentration network. NBAA IFR theory area. Effective coverage is affected by ATC router, operational speeds, meteorology, equipment choices, and other variables. There is only one airplane producer who expands the capabilities of routine commercial aircrafts. The Gulfstream G600 is the next major milestone in the Gulfstream sector, a brand new Gulfstream G600 airplane designed to make traveling quicker and more comfortable.

Extended reach and quick, powerfull climbability are two ways the Gulfstream G280 surpasses its initial styling objectives and helps deliver class-leading power. There is no other corporate jet that can go as far as the 650ER. G650 makes once remote towns a part of daily work, and with the low est height of all corporate jets, it brings fresh air to your guests and makes them prepared for all future possibilities.

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