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Rome Taxi Stations

I rented three of the apartments in Rome at subway stations that I used at least daily, and I don't remember ever seeing a taxi near them or at the Metro-Sotps where we got off. When you inquire about Basiica, yes, there is an official white taxi rank when you leave St. Peter's Square. The city centre of Rome is defined as within the Aurelian Walls (see map below). The telephone numbers of the most important taxi companies.

Rom Taxi ranks - Locations

Could anyone have been alerted to a card or a hyperlink showing the location of taxi ranks in Rome? Particularly interesting are those at the southern end of Piazza Navona for select inner-city shuttles that cannot be reached by public transport, subway or on foot. It is GMT -8 all timed, the timed is now 23:12 PM.

Taxi in Rome

In Rome, are cabs easily waved off? In the last few weeks cabs were a challenge to find directly from the centre of the town ( they are not permitted to stop for passengers). Originally in Rome, the apartment we originally leased via X-Pollinate should be at floor height to house our 80-year-old mother. Six steps later they found another one outside the town centre.

Be sure to remain definitely near the places you want to go or have the telephone numbers of the various taxi operators ready. We often waited 1-1 when calling cabs. We' ve spent many long years trying to get into the Roman Empire. Arrived in Rome, our 20E rider took me out of my hands for a 7-8E drive from the terms to our 12E & 12E for a hint!

From Rome our rider took the long distance, 45 min vs 7, and on our return we marked the shorter distance. So he was furious, but we had his taxi # and the firm signed in and bought him what we were paying the others. Taxis are available throughout the town centre (near the Colosseum, Piazza Venezia, St. Peter, the Pantheon, the Spanische Treppe).

Empty cabs that won't stop, that are empty, are probably already on their way to a call. At the end of the dinner, your local hotels will call a taxi for you or you can ask a local restuarant to call one for you. Pam, we wanted to take a taxi to the Borghese Gallery and our hostess at the reception said it should not cost more than 10 Euros.

Said we should go to Piazza de Republica, a blocks away from the guesthouse, and look for a taxi line. So we went straight upstairs and informed the rider where we were going. Throughout Italy it seems that taxi cabs are only available at taxi ranks. One 10 minute taxi drive in Rome this past year was about 6E.

About 5 min on foot we remained away from the Colosseum and there was a taxi plate right there. On the first morning on the way to the Vatican we just stopped and within 5 min a taxi went up. So we had to hook it up to the next square, about 20 min up the street.

We were anxious again the next early afternoon when we were leaving Rome, so we ran across the streets to see if the café or the grocer would call us a taxi and neither. Fortunately our side of the highway was open, so we were standing at the taxi board, keeping our thumbs crossed and drove a taxi up within 5 mins.

Last we were in Rome for 3 whole weeks and found out that you can't just waive the taxi like we do here. As the other posters said, you go to the taxi ranks to get one. They' re all over town. When you are looking and can't find one, stop at the first bar/café/shop you see (which are everywhere) and ask where the closest taxi rank is.

When we first went to Rome, we didn't do it and took a taxi without a number and it was very expensive. that said to make sure the taxi had a number. It'?s in a sign on the taxi seatür.

A taxi driver's try to bill us $25 for half a kilometer was made on our last journey to Rome. Since we were very much jetslagge at the moment when we were at the railway yard, we had an unregulated rider. The secretary of the secretary office at the office said that we were still being cheated and said that such riders were a shame for the town of Rome.

Furious words have been shared (Italian/English) and in retrospect it is ridiculous now, but not a nice way to start your trip to Rome. Answering your questions isn't easy either, taking a taxi. And when we were willing to go, we asked for a cab.

A major reason why they only have taxi's in the grandstands is to avoid this problem...people being attacked by illicit taxi riders on the roads. Rome Taxi licenses are all lacquered red, all with the "Taxi" plate on top, and all have their number plates on the door, on the back and inside.

The counters should be adjusted to tariff #1....The tariff 2 is higher and only applies to journeys outside the Greater Rome area, which should not be the case for most tourist. By the way, the Municipality of Rome has also determined firm fares for taxi services to and from the airports from anywhere within the Alexian Wall (up to 4 persons and their luggage)....40 euros to Fiumicino and 30 euros to Ciampino.

And the only rip-off we got in Europe from a cabbie was in Rome. So we took the locomotive to Rome and took a taxi to our motel. It took a very long way of about 20 min at a rate that should have been a 3 to 5 min drive.

Relax - they'll get over it and you won't get screwed. Have your guesthouse order you a taxi and your restaurants order you one. Check also or ask for taxi ranks. Also, I concur that your accommodation is the best choice to order a taxi. When there are cabs at the booth, it's no big deal, just get the first one.

However, if you are in a group of persons without a taxi, I suggest that you pretend to stay at a local motel and go in on foot and ask for a taxi. We just came back and had no trouble getting cabs at the booths near the main touristic sights. Everyone in our rooms and restaurant was very kind to call one.

DID SOMEBODY USE A TAXI TO DRIVE FROM THE TERMINAL TO THEIR MOTEL? Yes, it is customary for individuals to take a taxi from the airports to their accommodation. You can also use a combination of trains and taxis or perhaps a locomotive and go on foot to your accommodation. It is also possible to rent a vehicle and a chauffeur.

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