Around World Flight

Round the world flight

Instead of buying separate flights from one destination to another, a flexible and sometimes cheaper way of international travel is possible with Round the world (RTW) tickets. circumnavigation flights, world travel planner Thanks to our special flight know-how and our experiences we can help you saving your precious flight expenses and booking more interesting tours for your world tour. Look below for an ideas of the great tours we can organize for you and to learn more about us, visit our page about us and why we like what we do.

Round-the-world tours from Australia

So many other ways to go about a trip: you can make it yourself or you can use any number of other web pages, from those of airlines alliance to automatic reservation pages: Why do you use us? Technically an Around the World Ticket, RTW for short, will travel in one way and cross both the Atlantic and Pacific, making stops at as many places as the traveler wants.

Travellers can go anywhere in the world and have the opportunity to go overland for part of their journey if they so wish. Until a few years ago, traveling in busi ness classes was a form of deluxe that only people with big bags could enjoy.

However, the experience of traveling Business is not always as expensive as you can imagine. When you look at the top carriers that offer the best service in your air charter segment, you see that they are Emirates, Qatar and Atihad. So you can fully unwind without having to care about the legroom or the rider next to you.

Another benefit is that you get all kinds of luxury goods fully laden, such as limitless meals and beverages, on-board fun, preferred boards and especially flight stewards who take care of you like a kings! However, the costs for such a global travel ticketing depend on the length of the travel time, the date, etc.

However, a general guideline for the costs of a bus seat is that it is basically four fold the fare of an economy seat. It' certainly an inexpensive choice for long-haul travel. Take a look at our on-line Travel Builder and make your own individual travel route and receive your personal offer for your Businessclass flight around the world.

Also, having an agents at your side will help you get inside information and insight into making complimentary upgrade deals for your travel around the world. As RTW Flows Australia specialises in providing air travel in and out of Australia in full seat airline classes, you should review your flight option before choosing air travel in Australia.

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