Boeing Bbj Range

The Boeing Bbj Range

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Boeing Business Jet is the result of a Boeing and General Electric Boeing and General Electric partnership to produce a high-performance jet. Launched in 2006, the ultra-long-range BBJ3 is the biggest in the business jet series. The system is modeled on the commercial 737-900ER (Extended Range) aeroplane. The BBJ3 is able to travel big and has a powerful power pack.

5,475 miles nautically driven, 275 nm less than the BBJ2. BBJ3's flight deck is equipped with Honeywell's trip IRS electronic flight system and two flight computer systems. BBJ2's leading-edge technology flight deck features Twin FMS, Twin Rockwell Collins Series 900 VHF comm/nav with DME, RF communication, ADF, GPS, MLS and WXR-700X meteorological radars.

The BBJ3 is similar to the B737 in design: low sweep wings, underwing thrusters, front and rear fins and three-wheel undercarriage. The BBJ2 can be used in the long term and uses eight additional storage cisterns. The best characteristic of the BBJ3 is its distinctive interiors. BBJ3's cab is 107.3 ft long (9 ft longer than BBJ2's), 11.7 ft broad and 7.1 ft high.

Featuring a 1,119 ft cab capacity, this plane provides most homes with a run for their bucks. The Boeing Business Jet 3 is built on two succesful Boeing B737 and BBJ planes and provides competitively priced range, velocity and operational system in an equal size pack that is even bigger than its previous model (BBJ2).

Designed for companies that need to travel frequently but productively, this ultra-long range company jets provides the tooling and room to work on the street.

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