Charter Communications bill Pay number

Billing communication charter Pay number

The online payment of your invoice with My Account is free of charge. New account numbers confuse payment - With Time Warner Cable changing bank numbers for a number of its clients in the New York hinterland, there is a concern for those who have neglected to upgrade their billing services with the new number. Much of these are now overdue and Time Warner Cable has difficulty tracing transactions sent in the name of the old number.

Now the new bank accounts are available to New York clients in Albany, Rochester, Syracuse, Watertown and other surrounding municipalities. Portland, Maine, clients will be given new bank accounts in the first November workweek. Time-Warner Cable has appended this newsletter to invoices sent in August and September to clients in Rochester, N.Y., and other hinterland states.

A Time Warner Cable representative can no longer and will not believe his old bank statement to see if the transaction was made incorrectly. Draft legislation on September 28 - October 27 still mirrors the old Time Warner Cable bank number. West and New York Area Bank reports that there has been a significant rise in complaints about Time Warner's claims for proof of payments.

Usually, businesses such as bank and insurers who modify their bank accounts numbers transmit funds sent under old bank accounts numbers and routinely send them to the correct one. This is not the case with the cables group. Even more disconcerting for clients is that at the beginning of September, in fact, Price Warner cable informed clients that their bank accounts were about to be changed, but never took the trouble to communicate the new bank accounts number at that point so that clients could take appropriate measures with their bank.

The old bank statement number was retained when sending posting documents dating up to September 28. Clients using the recurrent Auto-Pay services of the Kabelgesellschaft were not affected. Your new bank number is now available in Time Warner Cable's MyServices section under PayXpress Banking Center.

Non-paying Time Warner Cable should call their Time Warner Cable support centre to initiate an enquiry and prevent delayed charges.

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