Arrange Airport Transfers

Organize airport transfers

I' d like to organize the pick-up from the airport shuttle.....

Gladly we will reconfirm your booking for the pick-up service: Our repatriation services for the date of your trip will be reserved as soon as you have checked in. You will be met by our chauffeur directly in front of the arrivals gates with a posters with your name on it.

If, for any reasons, you cannot find our chauffeur, you need to call us as soon as possible (+39 06 6782662) to give you the right information for the venue. However, if you choose to use an alternate method without contacting us, we reserve the right to deduct the entire cost of the journey from your original booking.

Max. amount of luggage: 6 pcs. In the event that you are bringing excess baggage that does not match the car, you will be required to pay all charges for the transportation of the excess baggage. Supplementary carry-on baggage is accepted if it is small enough to be worn on the knee during the transfers.

Hello, how do you arrange the airport transfers?

Airport-transfers can be directly posted on our website a The Kee Resort (I'm sorry that the answer system for messages doesn't allow us to add the shortcut). You can then select the best options for your transfers. On the other side you can simply go to the boardwalk and talk to the cab crew, they can arrange a jump for you for 1.000baht... hi...well taken from the airport, hotels transport is costly compared to taxis...u will find many cabs as soon as they have left the airport.

Upon arrival at the airport, there are tonnes of taxis that will bring you to a fixed fare.

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