Price to buy a Private Jet

The price for the purchase of a private jet

Jet aircraft we can buy include Cessna, Dassault, Gulfstream and Learjet. Costs are not yet exhausted. What is the net asset you need to buy private jets? Purchasing an airplane can definitely be affordable, but it's not for everyone. Would you like to buy a private jet?

Start-up prices for jet tickets and jet member programmes vary widely. Here is an overview of the cheapest jet ticket prices from more than 35 businesses.

The price, be it the rate per hour or the costs of buying into a programme, is often a prime concern for shoppers, at least for now. Whilst no one wants to pay too much unless you're discussing a King Air 350i instead of a Gulfstream G650, most of you who can buy the lowest priced jet ticket can buy the most upscale.

Compare more than per hour and even the fleets we value, such as the standard airplane procurement requirements and the minimal number of pilot lessons needed, both overall and in the airplane model you will be operating, and we believe we can offer you a 360-degree perspective. So if you select the incorrect programme, this price, which seemed great, may not seem so great if you find that your 70-minute flight is calculated at 90 or even 120-minute.

With a $6,000 per hour fee, that's an additional $1,200 per trip that you must or must not append to the per hour fee. Certain operators will tell you the tariffs with the 7.5% excise tax, while others will not. Certain programmes involve additional charges for the hour. With other words, the price you see at the beginning may not be the price you are paying.

Broker Charter - Air Partners Jet Card Sterling 10-hour Light Jet is US$47,000, which includes 7.5% Federal Excise Tax (FET). to Airstream Jets Inc. Airstream Jets 25-k Charter Broker is $25,000 per flight with FET excluded on frequencies from $7 to $23 per miles. Administered Fleet - Clay Lacy Preferred begins at $100,000 with per-hour charges from $2,800 for planes it administers without FET.

Concord Private Jet provides a 10-hour turboprop ticket for $37,500. This is Delta Private Jets, Inc. Manageraged Fleet - Delta Private Jets map programmes start at $100,000, FET included. ECOJETS begins with a $20,000 and $4,975 per hour light jet payment, FET included. Factional Jet Map - Executive AirShares uses a combination of day and rate per unit of time.

The introductory programme is equipped with 10 flights per year or 20 flights over two years. ExpertJet's X-Card begins at $75,000 with per-hour charter rates from $4,350 to $13,050, FET included. Factional Jet Map - Flexjet's Flex25 map with the best-selling Embraer Phenom 300 costs $161,976 without FET.

Factional Jet Cards - The FLY Aeolus Prepaid Persona Cards start with a 10,000 Euro subscription for 15 flight lessons in Europe. Own fleet - GlobeAir's 24-hour lifestyle map provides round trip fares in Europe at 1,700 per hour for European trips. A Managed Fleet - Jet Aviation's Light Jet PT card begins at $51,000 for 10 flight-hours without FET.

Fleet Management - The Jet Linx Club Cards start with a $12,500 dues subscription and then with pay-as-you-go payments from $3,375 per hour, without FET. Broker Charter - Jet the World's entry-level jet ticket is valid for 25hrs at $5,240 perhr in a Light Jet, without FET. The JetSet Group's 24-hour Light Jet ticket costs 117,000 US dollars inclusive of FET.

Own Fleet - JetSuite SuiteKey begins at $50,000 with $3,575 or more in rental per unit, without FET for an Embraer Phenom 100. Yacht Charter Broker - The Light Jet Cards Membership begins at 25hrs for $135,986, FET included, plus one bonuses lesson. Yacht Charter Broker - Luxury Aircraft Solutions 10-hour turboprop ticket is $42,520 FET included.

Broker Charter - Magellan Jet's starter jet ticket is for light jet charter from 25 hrs at $5,090 per hrs, FET included. Factional Jet Map - The Marquis Jet 25 h light jet map of the NetJets with the Cessna Citation Excel/XLS costs approximately $170,000. Own fleets - Nicholas Air's Blue Cards offer 15 hrs on any plane in its fleets, from $4,980 per hrs for the Pilatus PC-12.

The ONEFlight International BAJ25 begins with a $50,000 25-Hour Deposit and then allows you to select from over 50 dedicated aircraft and turbo-props, each billed at an extra per h on. Paramount Business Jet's Platinum Services Jet Cards for Turboprops start at $50,000 and offer flexible rates starting at $1,200 per hour plus FET.

Yacht Broker - Private Jet Services Group's Light Priority Membership begins at 25 hrs at an $4,793 per hrs FET Included. PrivateFly's Jet Ticket programme begins at $50,000 and offers aggressive price setting on the basis of prevailing prices. Broker Charter - The Light Jet Cards for Prive Jets cost $120,375 for 25 hrs or $4,815 per hrs, without FET.

Own fleets - ProspAir Air Charter uses the own fleets of the Dumont Group. Start-up jet ticket supplier offers 15hr flight on a Bombardier Learjet 45 for $5,000 per hour, without FET. Yacht Brokers - part of Direction Aviation, and a affiliate of Flexjet and Skyjet, the Sentient SJ25 Light Select Jet Card costs $127,325, FET included, or $5,093 per hour. FET included.

Solairus Aviation's Altitude FDP Level 1: Very Light Jets ticket is $100,000 at an estimated $4,590 per hour without FET. Broker Charter - Blue Star Jets' creator Ricky Sitomer is back and his Star Jets 25-hour skycard on a Hawker 400XP is $139,000, plus FET.

Broker Charter - The idea of Exclusive Resorts co-founder Tom Filippini, StraightLine Private Air concentrates on pistons, turboprops and light jet planes with a highly competitive price range with an averaging $1,297 per hour FET for piston planes. Factional Jet Map - The laissez FARE Platinum Map from Tee Bee Jet costs $99,500 for 25 hrs on a Beechcraft 400E, FET included.

Yacht Charter Broker - Founder of former NetJets Vice President Kevin Diemar Unity Jet provides a vibrant, price-based payment solution starting at $25,000. The Velocity Jet Light Jet membership begins at $120,000 for 25 hrs without FET. Own Fleet - Known for its Nobu menus and Christofle crockery on board its stylishly designed aircraft, the programmes begin at 50hrs at prices of around $12,000 per hour. That' s the price.

Own Fleet - Established by Kenny Dichter, who also established Marquis Jet Partners before he sold them to NetJets, Wheels Up offers a pay-as-you-go membership programme from $17,500 and King Air 350i per hour at $4,495 FET included. Broker Charter - The Wholesale Jet Club's 24-hour light jet ticket costs $107,000 for 25 hrs, FET included.

Own fleet and charter brokers - XOJET's Select Access is built on aggressive prices and begins at $50,000.

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