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Private Boeing jets for sale

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. The Boeing jets are available now. The majority of offers contain the plane number, the plane number, the plane registration and the plane fare. Choosing a particular Boeing Private jet for sale provides more information about the plane, as well as specification and vendor information.

They can also supply plane site, plane prices, outdoor and indoor photographs of the plane to be sold. Several of the Boeing Private Jet planes for sale also offer video footage of the plane.

Dreamliner Boeing 787 9 private jet charter, sale and lease of Dreamliner VIP

Boeing 787 Dreamliner is more than just an extravagant deluxe V.I.P. aircraft, it's an evocative V.I.P. aircraft of vast dimensions. With a purchase value of $153 million, the Dreamliner-VIP offers some of the highest level of luxuries available. Probably the most famous sales argument of the Dreamliner VoIP is the huge inner area.

With an internal area of 2,762 m², the Dreamliner VIP's cabins are almost impenetrable. In order to put it in relation, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner VIP has more floor space than the US budget' average. Hong Kong property magnate Joseph Lau made story by awarding Boeing's first formal contract as a private proprietor, a contract unveiled at the European Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition (EBACE) in Geneva.

In addition, the company announces the development of an even bigger Boeing 747-8 powered executive jet. Dreamliner's 787-VIP can travel non-stop anywhere in the world, making its exceptionally convenient and luxury interiors even more important for long-haul destinations. While the Dreamliner-VIP can typically carry 40 people, it can be equipped with up to 250 passenger places, similar to an airline.

It has a length of 138' 9" with a width of 17' 11" and a hight of 7' 6". Basically, it is a full-size airplane designed for private transportation, as well as private transportation, official or business use. Although the Boeing 787 Dreamliner-VIP is not the world's most costly or biggest private jet, it is certainly one of the most flamboyant and luxury private jets available in the business today.

While other private jets usually have a number of functions that allow for customisation and personalisation, very few jets can be adapted to suit your own taste, in the spirit of the Dreamliner VIP. The airplane re-invents the concept of creation of ideal surroundings and atmosphere. One 787 can usually carry several hundred people in a passenger plane.

The 787 Dreamliner VoIP, however, offers 40 or fewer typical occupants in the same room. As a result, there is a tremendous amount of room and convenience for travellers in a passenger cabin configured for VIP, with much of the remainder being used for entertaining or lounging needs. The choice of equipment in this case is rather redundant, as the skies are the literal frontier for those who have a chance to get on this flamboyant world-class plane.

Often the inside configuration of the VIP-configured 787 is not recognizable as an airplane cab, as it is more resembling executives' suite hotels or passenger lounge VIPs. Put in simple terms, the Dreamliner VoIP is the ultimative fantastic-plane. Select up to 3 planes below to collate them side by side.

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