Alaska Airlines Mileage Customer Service

Mileage Customer Service

To find out what happened, I called airline customer service. Alaska Airlines goes beyond the borders. I see a great deal of abuse in my industry about the problems travellers have with airlines. I certainly had many shocking and disappointing flight experiences on the journeys of my familiy. Although I don't neglect a word when an air carrier gets it incorrectly, I think it's really important to tell the story of the time an air carrier gets it RIGHT.

I visited the blogs last year to chant the words of praise from a Southwest Airlines gateway operative who goes beyond that. Alaska Airlines is in the limelight this year. Here is how Alaska Airlines has done something very small, yet still deserving of official commendation. I am usually quite good at keeping track of my airline account to prevent the mileage from running out (thanks, Award Wallet).

Knowing that my Alaska Airlines were about to lose mileage, I had been looking for the best and least expensive way to keep them actively engaged over the past few week. D-Day mileage came, and I decided to spend a few mileage on a newspaper pass just to keep the account up.

{\pos (192,210)}I made a buy with the bank balances of me and my man, but then it crossed my kid also had an Alaska one. Mileage Plan does not allow minor on-line gateways to Alaska so I hadn't tracked them in the Award Wallet. There was no way I could get it on-line to order a mag, buy mileage or anything.

Waiting for the children to go to sleep, I phoned Alaska to see what could be done. However, I have forgotten the basic principle of handling a smaller carrier - finite telephone times. Alaska' s customer service line is closing at 5:00 p.m. Pacific time. Thinking that all hopes were gone and that maybe a call in the early mornings would bring forth a friendly operative who could help me (I had previously praised the virtue of Alaska's telephone agency, so it wasn't far-fetched as it could be with other airlines).

I twittered Alaska in one last trench work, which I didn't even think would ever work out, to see if something could be done. In a few moments Andre added a few miles to the bank to keep it running for my daugther - no need to buy magazines. This was the smallest gesture, but it definitely put Alaska back on my radar reminding me how much an air carrier with qualified staff and good customer service makes a big difference. What a great time!

I' ve been flying Alaska on a regular basis in the past, but my destination in the last two years just didn't match their itinerary. However, you should better believe that I will pave the way to flying Alaska the next times I'm on a flight they operate (Oakland to Hawaii is when I normally do the most flying).

Don't hold off till the last moment when it comes to mileage. Even if you do, an air carrier will sometimes have really great customer support staff who can help you keep the belief. Customer service of the carrier is not punctual. Not on Alaska Airlines, anyway. Frequent-flyer accounts for kids:

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