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The Exclusive Jets LLC offers private jet transportation services in North America. Receive information, directions, products, services, phone numbers and reviews on exclusive jets in Kinston, NC. LLC, Kinston, North Carolina. Our exclusive Jet-Cluster hydromassage systems target specific muscle groups for a complete back massage.

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Discount Pools & Spas - Exclusive Jets

Quartet Jets whirlpools help relieve stresses and tensions with four precision jets above each Moto-Massage jets that act as an additional handset to help massages and relaxation of the back of the neck as well as the shoulder. An exclusive Hotspring® Wellness Spas. They are arranged side by side and offer careful handling of the shoulder and top back.

One more exclusive Hot Spring Spas. Quartet Jets work in perfect synergy with the Moto-Massage Jets for the entire range of back, shoulders and back massages.

Replaceable double ported rotating jet produces a V-shaped hydro-jet pattern for a pulsing action and offers the advantages of a hydro-jet. Our exclusive Jet-Cluster Hydro Massaging System targets certain groups of muscles for a complete back masseur. The ten precision nozzles (top right) look like the finger of a massager on her back and shoulder with a smooth but forceful feeling, unlike traditional nozzles that soon lose their reception.

Three hydromassage jets (bottom right) work the top and bottom back. Lower back pains require the additional strength of a JetStream nozzle. It is an energizing, directed jacuzzi stream that is twice as strong as a hydromassage stream and provides quick alleviation. Nothing better to feel after a long foot bath than the stimulating FootWell system massages.

Whereas other spa products usually use only water jets or jets, the FootWell system uses the force of our JetStream jets to deliver the most powerful feet you can. Unlike traditional jets, which soon lose their reception, our precise jets offer a smooth yet forceful feeling. Directed and rotating jets generate a multitude of feelings that behave like the finger of a pro massager.

The HydroStream nozzles ensure a powerful stream of fluid to relieve stress - the discharge is just a few seconds away.

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