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Inexpensive Broadway tickets and five ways you can get them. There is no lack of tempting Broadway or Off-Broadway shows these days, yet the constant increase in tickets has made it more difficult for theatre enthusiasts to take full benefit of the New York stage. Cheap Broadway tickets are everywhere, and advanced technologies make it simpler than ever to find cheap places.

These are the five best ways to count cheap Broadway cards. Classical way to find heavily reduced tickets is to line up at the TDF-TKTS booth under the Duffy Square (47th Street and Broadway) stairs on the shownight. With the exception of the largest Broadway hit bands, all are on offer there, usually with a 50 per cent discount.

And if you don't want to see a show, the Times Square stand has a "Play Express" screen that shortens your waiting times. Opened in 2016, the latest one, in the David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center (Broadway, 62nd Street), is the Group's best option: Others are at South Street Seaport (corner of Front and John Streets) or TKTS Downtown Brooklyn (One MetroTech Center at Jay Street and Myrtle Avenue).

Outside Times Square, all places are selling tickets a week earlier. Up to six tickets per individual can be purchased at the same price; there is a $5-$6 per entry charge, which is significantly lower than the charges on most online Ticketing sites. Handfuls of production companies, among them Wicked, still provide cheap daily tickets through an old-fashioned personal sweepstakes in which people' name is pulled at the checkout a few moments in front of the veil.

However, most Broadway shows now run such lots in digital format, either alone or via TodayTix. Among the most competing are the Hamilton-Lottery ( which has 46 $10 places per day) and the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child-Lottery, which takes place once a week on Friday. In order to find out which shows are offering express tickets and lots, read the practical lists at Broadway for Broke People or Playbill (which provides both Broadway and Off-Broadway guides).

When the show you want to see is a great success, you probably can't get a reduced price but there are still ways to minimize the amount you are paying. By purchasing tickets directly at the checkout, you are avoiding annoying servicing charges, and sometimes you will find very good places that were previously reserved for home seating or luxury purchases and have only recently been returned to the ticketing list and not yet picked up and tagged by resalers in the resort area.

And as for the retail market: Sometimes you can get tickets at cheap rates if you are ready to go to the theatre just before the show starts. Also, even on very beloved shows, rates on websites like StubHub and VividSeats can drop drastically just before hang times as providers try to dump their unsellable tickets.

At $30, if you're qualified, you can get an yearly TDF subscription that allows you to take advantage of TDF tickets offered one day or week before the show. With TDF, you can also watch Off-Off Broadway shows for just $9 via the OffOff@9 programme. There is a $65 charge in anticipation (let's say) for reduced -price tickets all year round, and you have the opportunity to buy tickets before they are sold to the general audience, which can be a big thing when it comes to shows with a great sense of anticipation.

Visitors between the age of 18 and 35 can purchase tickets for only $25 per show from the Roundabout Theatre Company by participating in the Hiptix programme. For those between the age of 21 and 35, Lincoln Center Theater's LincTix programme provides $32 tickets for all performances. The Manhattan Theatre Club 30 Under 30 programme, as its name implies, allows guests under the age of 30 to buy tickets for $30.

Student and senior citizens have privileged entry to many discount offers on Broadway and Off-Broadway production. Library staff, educators, and scholars can obtain coupons for 30 to 50 per cent discount through the School Theatre Ticket Program at, and scholars aged 13 to 18 can purchase $5 tickets for certain off- and off-off Broadway production through High 5 Tickets to the Arts. Please note that the School Theatre Ticket Program at offers a discount of 30 to 50 per cent for library staff, educators, and scholars.

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