Book a Helicopter Flight

Booking a helicopter flight

An unforgettable experience for every flight. FAQs| Helicopter Flight Services Arriving at the helicopter port without a reservations you may have to await a free flight or plan a flight later in the morning. Because of the restricted available we advise you to book at least 2 week in advanced. When you book on-line, you can get at least 2 nights in advanced discount.

Due to high bookings during busy periods (Christmas, New Year and Easter) we advise early bookings. What time should I book during my journey? It is recommended that you book early during the journey if we need to change your flight due to bad conditions. Please let us know when making your reservation that you will have a lapchild in the "Any Special Requests?" box on the reservation sheet.

Which is the best flying daytime? Every daytime is good to be flown according to meteorological conditions. As a rule, we suggest that you book according to your timetable as the forecast is unforeseeable. Will there be a specific point in the morning when my flight will not be congested? Most of our planes are fully loaded.

All 6 places in the helicopter can be reserved as the only way to ensure a personal itinerary. If I' m scared of flies, altitudes or closed rooms, would you suggest a flight? The helicopter ride is a fantastic adventure with stunning view of New York City. And what happens if the wheather is poor?

We may have to postpone a flight in case of heavy rains or mist. As soon as we know that your flight will be cancelled, we will do our best to inform you; the New York climate can quickly turn around and this can happen at the last moment. We' ll always try to postpone your flight.

What kind of inclement temperatures must the sky be like before you cancell a flight? Our flight can be cancelled in thick mist, low cloud, low vision, strokes of thunder, extreme wind gusts and strong rains or snows. Outside temperatures have no influence on flight characteristics as the choppers are fitted with both heating and cooling systems.

If I have to canceled my flight, what happens? When you need to void your flight, you must e-mail us at least 24 hrs in advance or call our offices at (212) 355-0801. Canceling your flight within 24hrs will not result in a refund. Could I change my flight schedule? Changing your flight is free if you get in touch with us more than 24 hrs before your flight itinerary.

Please note that if you call us within 24hrs, we will charge $50 per person to postpone your flight. It is not possible to postpone a flight within one half of the flight duration. Please make sure to arrive 30 min before your planned flight departure date to make sure that all our departures are on schedule.

When you are too late, you may not be prepared for the punctual departure of your flight and you will miss your flight. While we will always do our best to place you on a later flight if available, we cannot ensure that you can travel.

If you are delayed on your flight, you may be asked to transfer our $50 per capita rebooking charge. If you are breast-feeding, you can go flying; we suggest you consult with your doctor if you have any concern. If I use a helicopter, can I use it if I have a wheel chair or if I have problems with my bike?

Employees can help you get into the helicopter and take your chair to and from the heliport during the flight. They must be able to lean their feet and be seated on one of the helicopter chairs. If you need extra help, please let us know in the "Any Special Requests?" box on the reservation sheet.

Permanent helicopter seats are based on the total mass of all air travelers. It is possible to apply for a place, but we cannot guaranty your place in advanced. It has a maximum of 275 pounds per person and those weighing more than or near it may have to await a flight that can carry their load securely.

For security reasons you are not allowed to take your own photos while going to and from the heliport to the helicopter. In the helicopter you can take your own photos. You are photographed by our employees in front of the helicopter, which can be bought as a printed or digitally printed version after your outing.

Can I take on the helicopter? The helicopter is only allowed to carry camera, mobile phone and sun glasses. Click here for more information on what cannot be taken aboard your flight. City of New York has stringent rules for the helicopter tourism industry that do not allow us to travel over part of New York City.

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