Private Jet Flights to Europe

Family jets to Europe

Below is a list of aircraft commonly used for charter flights in Europe: Baltic Air Charter Association European Business Aviation Association. JClass operates regular flights on private aircraft without member dues. At your seated position, you make the payment, while your private jet company JetClass opens seven new European one-way services from 390 Euro. Services that do not have a subscription sell single places on private aircraft with a set timetable. Consumers on these shorter flights enjoy the benefits of using private jet terminal facilities (FBOs) rather than having to pass through commercially operated airports, which often halves the overall travelling journey for them.

From February, JetClass will be linking Zurich with Milan, Luxembourg, Vienna and Munich. Further new lines are Milan to Geneva, Basel, Zurich and Nice. These new flights will complement already operated Zurich-Brussels, Brussels-London and Paris-Geneva itineraries. Today JetClass has 15 destinations and operated more than 90 flights within Europe in the first six month of operation.

The JetClass was created last year by Ali and Vladislav Zenov, a seasoned professional pilot, to address the needs arising from the rising cost, declining performance and often low flight frequency of Air Lines Express flights, especially short-haul flights in Europe. It closes the fare divide between airlines such as British Airways, Lufthansa, Air France and Swiss, often between 400 and 1,000 dollars for short-haul flights and the charter of an airplane that can run from 15,000 to 30,000 dollars.

The JetClass does not own the airplane, but is a brokers and protects airplanes through charters. He says it uses artifical intelligence for determining its airways by analysing the needs for each airway against available airway choices to identify which airways are provided as part of a rolling timetable.

JetSmarter and Surf Air are also pioneers in the use of private jet and turboprop services in Europe. The JetSmarter shuttle, however, is designed with annual dues of approximately US$10,000 or more, while Surf Air uses a combination of memberships and seat sales on single flights. Embraer Phenom 300 and Pilatus PC-12 planes, while JetSmarter and JetClass are brokers that purchase planes from authorised carriers.

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