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Skydaxi Poland

In Poland, we are the leader in the on-demand sector. The SkyTaxi Sp. o.o. (Ltd.

) is a fully certified airline operator registered in Poland under EU jurisdiction. The Skytaxi is a Polish charter airline based at Wroclaw Strachowice Airport. In Poland, we are the leader in the on-demand sector. In Poland, we are the leader in the on-demand sector.

SwitTaxi Sp. z o.o.

In Poland, we are the leading on-demand provider. Today we work with the aircraft SAAB 340A. It was the first site of our Piper Seneca II aircraft. A few week later we were able to transport our customer on the first business airplane to Warsaw. During the fourth trimester of 2002, we took off our Cessna T303 Crusader for a number of business trips.

In 2003 we flown with our customer for the first with a Cessna T303 to Dortmund. We have been carrying out intense air traffic with our aircrafts since the beginning of 2003. We became the 6th Polish company to be set up on 16 July 2004 to obtain the necessary JAR-OPS1 certification.

Mid 2005 we opted to buy another, larger airplane. From the various airplane models we have chosen the SAAB 340. During this period we cancelled the agreement on the use of the Cessna T303. Our SAAB 340A QC came from Switzerland to Breslau in November 2005.

Our new plane was airworthy after all certification processes. During this period, new SkyTaxis personnel were recruited, including pilot and cabin crew. In addition to the aerial taxi, we have introduced a new type of taxi and, if required, we operate as a small charters-carrier. The introductory mission took place in December 2005.

As of January, we have gradually raised the number of SAAB planes used while at the same with Piper Seneca we have maintained the same number of Piper Seneca planes as before. During the first few month of 2006, our operational procedures were reorganised, particularly in the area of scheduling and servicing.

We did fewer trips after the last day of the year, but these were drastically higher in September and October. In September, for example, we conducted a F1 race sport in Monza (Italy). We' ve also done a couple of trips to Elba Island. During November we performed testing and servicing on our SAAB planes in Sweden, after the first year in the SkyTaxi family.

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